5 Tips For The Traveling Mom or Dad

Winter has been good to me and my little family.
I have been gone less.
I have been around friends and family more.
But alas, in the line of work I have chosen for myself, this never lasts too long.
The road brings the paycheck.
So here are some rules we like to have in place so road life is not the end of family life.

1. The spouse is the first person I talk to in the morning and the last person I talk to at night.
This seriously helps tons. Even if there has been little to no communication during the day.
2. 4 videos a day to the kids just telling them what I’m doing. Sometimes they are 60 seconds long. Sometimes they are 5. But they know daddy is thinking of them.
3. Head Hands Heart Check In daily…
How is our mind?
How is our heart?
How is our physical health?
4. FaceTime Family Dinner…
Though not always possible, Prop up the laptop at home and your laptop where you are at. Having the kids set a table setting and putting the iPad or laptop on it is a) funny and b) seriously closes the gap.
5. Realize and Say Out Lod that it just plain SUCKS.
I think acknowledging the fact that it’s not going to be amazing and it really will suck is key to success. No one likes to be away from the family. And trying to tell yourselves that it’s gonna be fine is a pitfall.

These are just some tips to keep the family a little more family on the road.
How many of you travel and what sorts of tips do you have?


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  • Troy Burbank

    It’s amazing how much modern advances in technology allow us to do. If you can’t be there, face time or skype is the next best thing.

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  • that’s awesome man, i don’t know that I’ll ever travel like that but if i ever do these are some sweet tips I’ll be stealin.

  • Dana

    I would like to hear your wife’s coping mechanisms while holding down the fort alone. My husband travels a little with work and I never feel less than exhausted and inadequate while he is away. Jealousy has been known to creep in too.

  • Michele White

    My husband travels about 32 weeks of the year, leaving on Sunday mornings to catch a flight somewhere and then arriving home late Friday night. Yeah, it sucks and we all know it. However, after a time of unemployment it was a huge answer to prayer and we know that for this time it is how God is choosing to provide for us. We have five kids, ages 9 and under, and here are a few things that we do: Skype for bedtime prayers (doesn’t always happen because of whatever, but whenever possible), our oldest emails daddy frequently and he engages her in conversation that way, we send Daddy photos and videos all day long so he knows what is going on, Hubby and I have virtual dates where we just hang out on Skype, Hubby and I will text first thing in the morning when we wake up, I’ve started sending him a pic of what we ate for dinner particularly when I realized how much he hates eating out so frequently and misses my cooking. My husband calls frequently during the day just to see how things are going. And the biggest thing that we do is travel with him whenever possible. He spends a lot of time on the East Coast but whenever he’s here in California we load up the van and go with him! I’ve had to work hard to not cop an attitude about how hard my life is and blah blah blah. I love him and I need to support him and my attitude will profoundly affect how the kids respond.