Priorities, Skipping Work, & The Fort

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I caught up on all my phone calls and emails after they fell asleep.
And everyone responded.
But I almost missed out on this…
It’s better that way…
Tell me about those forts you built as a kid.


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  • Ryan Hartsock


  • You are a smart smart man Los.. so many parents don’t get this.. all kids need quality time with their parents.. things can wait, explanations can be given (kids come first).. you’re kids will remember this a lot longer than anyone can be mad that you delayed in responding.. Way to go Dad…

  • CIndy

    That’s awesome. I have a step-son (now grown) who told me that when I first started dating his dad, he wasn’t sure how it would work out. But the day I let them build a blanket fort in my living room? That was the day he knew it would be OK.

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  • samueljohn

    Thanks for reminding me about the kind of dad I hope to be someday.

  • HeatherJuneHarvey

    We did not have blanket forts but we did do bike rides on Saturdays in the summer. I’ll never forget playing “Bike Tetris” trying to fit 2 adult bikes and 5 kids bikes into the back of the family van and still have room for all us to sit. We’d drive out to some park or beach a bike until sundown. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  • Ashley

    This reminded me of a video we did a couple years ago making a fort while jasen was out of town. 🙂

  • That fort is awesome. Actually, the best fort I ever built was in college. We had exams to study for but instead we built a fort in the living room and watched Alfred Hitchock movies, it was great.