When the man in the next restroom stall needs your help… What Would You Have Done?


I’m in the stall.
Walkie Talkie falls into my stall.
It falls from the next stall.
Eeerie silence.
30 seconds…
60 seconds…
Me – “Um. Do you want me to slide that over?”
More silence.
30 seconds.
Hand reaches under my door.
Walkie disappears.
The longest 2 minutes of my life.

What’s the proper protocol?


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  • I’d have just softly kicked it right back and not said a word.

  • Just kick it back over to his stall. No biggie. Problem solved.

  • Jake Schwein

    I was at a U of O football game and I was asked to pass toilet paper under the wall to a guy! I felt like we bonded for life in a minute!

  • Cindy

    LOL. Classic example of the differences between men and women. Same stage, girls bathroom would have resulted in a whole conversation that likely would have continued until parting ways outside the bathroom. Men have funny bathroom “rules”.

    • Maybe it’s more an extrovert vs. introvert thing rather than men vs. women, because I would be so uncomfortable if a stranger started talking to me!

    • Lucy

      So true…I got into a convo with a lady at the airport last Fri., as we stood in line listening to (and laughing at) ATF Drill Sergeant Susie threaten pat-downs if travelers didn’t empty their pockets. We went our separate ways, then passed through the same stores twice, laughed about it, and when I left my sack in the gift shop, she tapped me on the shoulder at the TCBY to tell me what I’d done! My new best friend! lol!

  • Ari

    sometimes the best moments require no words πŸ™‚

  • Boggsran

    I love that your first thought was “I should take a picture of that so I can blog about this experience.” I have to say I would have had a strong desire to tell whoever was listening on that thing the owner of the walkie talkie was busy taking a “10-200” (just google trucker cb slang if you don’t know where that came from).

    • Bahehaeh πŸ˜€ Los, I hope your phone doesn’t make the camera shutter noise. That would be why he didn’t respond… He’s looking around for a camera!

  • Sara

    Lol I’m afraid to take my phone to the potty with me. My luck, I’d drop it in the toilet. Kudos to you for coming up with a blog post for the situation, AND keeping your cell secure. Hehe. Oh, and I would have lightly slid it back over an suggest a thorough disinfecting session with Lysol wipes.

  • Guest

    Yeap….I’ve been there except I was the “walkie talkie guy” and the walkie talkie was my phone. I asked the lady next to me for the phone and then sat there til she left the bathroom.

  • maybe the guy was in there so long he got bored and thought he could livin it up with a walkie-talkie conversation and you let him down. shame on you for not picking it up lol

  • Men’s room code is no eye contact, no looking, and an 18 inch cone of personal space all around, so you were safe to kick it no-hands back to his stall.

  • kick it back. I tend to not touch other men’s things in the bathroom.

  • Joe Schroeder

    I would have dropped my cell phone into his stall and then wait…
    The first one who speaks loses. LOL!

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  • Jenn

    I would have kicked it hard, at least a couple stalls over πŸ˜‰

  • Brad

    I agree with the guys who said “Soft kick back, no words exchanged.” However, it also seems appropriate to me to pick up said walkie talkie and try to engage someone. My guess is that there was a conversation happening, and I’d be curious to know who was on the other end… that’s just me being funny, but I would seriously stick to the first answer.

  • Rick

    Yeah, you pretty much took an awkward situation and made the best of it.

  • After the offer to help and 30 seconds of silence. Pick-it up. Call someone and tell them one of their walkie talkies fell into your bathroom stall and obviously the owner disappeared, so you need to know what to do with it. πŸ™‚

  • Maybe he didn’t speak English? That would’ve been my first thought when there was silence…but I also live in south Florida so that’s a common occurrence here!

  • Caleb Gordon

    My co-workers and I just laughed so dang hard at this post! Thanks Los!

  • The first thing that came to your mind was obviously to take a picture of the handheld radio. Quick thinking really but I don’t think it would’ve helped though. Weird that the person on the other stall didn’t respond. Perhaps that person was a secret agent or something. Now that would be another story. LOL. – http://www.partitionsandstalls.com/