This question is for all you people who sit in the crowd on Sunday.
Not all you stage prima donnas like me.
Funny thing is that “church professionals” often think they know what songs connect best in the crowd.
I have a better idea.
Ask the crowd…
What is the current song, that when the band begins to lead, accelerates you to a closer place with God?
I’m fairly certain it is a different song than your worship leader thinks of.


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  • Anne

    Your hands – JJ Heller

  • Any song can draw me into the presence of God if the worship leader is leading me there. If a worship leader is “performing” it is more difficult to connect with God through worship. Beyond that, any songs that use words directly from scripture tend to be the most meaningful to me.

    One of the most powerful worship experiences I’ve ever had was a blend of teaching and worship, where the pastor shared from the Word, and the worship leader took a phrase from scripture, put it to music and used it repeatedly as a song/prayer to God. The pastor then read/taught more of the passage and the worship leader took a phrase from the next passage and set it to music. This cycle continued throughout the service. There was an awesome blending of learning God’s word, crying out to Him to bring His word to life in us and praising Him for what He was doing in our midst. Honestly, I could LIVE there!

  • Oceans (Where Feet May Fail), Hillsong United

    • I LOVE THAT SONG! (But I’m a worship leader so I don’t think it counts…haha).

      • haha well we did it from the stage this past Sunday, so I don’t know if it really counts either. though I had been listening to it on repeat before it was done from the stage! Regardless IT IS GOOD.

    • Me, too! I’m going through a ton of stuff right now where I just have to trust, and it can be really hard. That song is so encouraging to me.

      • Same Brenda, I’ve been a christian for almost 8 years, and in the past month have been making the biggest steps towards total trust. it is HARD. SO HARD. This song has been my hearts cry. Praying for you Brenda

  • HeatherEV

    I have a few…
    10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman
    Our God by Chris Tomlin
    And one by Jeremy Camp whose lyrics and title currently elude me but I know and love it.

  • Kyle H

    10,000 Reasons is a favorite of mine currently. Still love Come thou fount and In Christ Alone.

  • ‘Overcome’ by Jeremy Camp and ‘Oceans (Where Feet May Fall) by Hillsong United.

  • “like incense” by hillsong. And another one that was written by one of the worship leaders, so that might not count.

  • Alicia K

    I listen to “Open Up Our Eyes” by Elevation Worship in the car a lot. Longing for a day that I can belt it out with my church community! But the songs they are playing that resonates is “One Thing Remains” & “God of the Angel Armies” … songs of God’s abundant love and faithfulness just cause my heart to still and rest and weep at the thought of His goodness.

    • Mary (

      LOVE the ‘God of Angel Armies’ song….

  • Not your typical worship song, but it’s something that I connect to on a super deep level.

    • 0.o

      • haha, like I said, not your typical worship song. Bands like this reach alot of people that would normally not go to church.

        • Brian O’Dowd

          I can respect that. I just imagine what my church body would do…lol. Yikes.

  • Lord I Need You, by Matt Maher and others.

    Lord I come, I confess
    Bowing here I find my rest
    Without You I fall apart
    You’re the one that guides my heart

    A Sunday door holder & crowd sitter!

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  • Jesus Culture – Come Away.

  • Mike Hall

    Any song that doesn’t follow the standard (yawn) recipe of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, quiet and then building bridge, loud crazy chorus…blah blah blah. It’s so done already.

    Also, the less wordy the song is the better. Like this.
    I always wonder why worship teams are so strict to the way the song is “supposed to be played”. The song isn’t the point. Connection to the Almighty and me forgetting the worship team is there…is the point. Let me get lost in it all.
    If a song is new to me, take the time to teach it to me. Repeat the first verse so I can jump in with both feet and not be left behind. Start with the chorus a few times. Whatever you can do to get me off the wall of the pool and swimming in the water with you.

    “He who leads and no one follows…is merely taking a walk.”
    If your concern as my leader is not foremost to lead me somewhere, then go play your songs in your bathroom bro. Bro in general, not bro meaning you buddy.

  • Linda

    Can’t carry a tune or read music so this question must be for me.

    Agree with Elizabeth M. Thompson regarding “performing”. God sees and we see; it is distracting and unwholesome.
    There is a denomination [at least one] who chooses to sing only the Psalms.
    I agree with this philosophy–sing only the inspired words of God and see what happens….haven’t tried this yet as that particular denomination does not have a group of believers nearby.
    Maybe you could take some of the psalms and put your own personality into arranging a tune?

  • Katy

    Whom Shall I Fear? (God of Angel Armies)

  • Victor’s Crown by Hillsong
    10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman

  • Kenny D

    The song that our worship team made up that goes to the tune of an old Creedence Clearwater Revival tune. get my hands clapping and heart pounding every time. I’ll try to video it and send it your way. God’s creativity at its best…

  • Michael

    There are a lot of songs but our church has lately been playing two by Cory Asbury that just seem to sing to my soul. Both “you are my hope and Shekinah Glory” really put me right where I need to be.

  • clarkwith4

    “Lord, I Need You” Matt Maher, “Brother” Rhett Walker Band, “We Give You Glory” Jeremy Camp, “Beautiful One” Jeremy Camp

  • Emily Mea

    “The Act of Being Overwhelmed” “You Saved My Soul” “Crags and Clay”

    The first two are originals written by our worship leader and team for our church.

  • John

    My church’s music is about 5-10 years behind the curve. :/
    And we don’t have a band.

  • Jane Figueras

    “my redeemer lives” by nicole c. mullen. an oldie, but def a goodie! it’s not what traditionally would be called a “worship” song, but heck, who decides that anyway.

  • Honestly, there isn’t anything that is currently in the “worship rotations” that reach out to me. What I wouldn’t give to see a Rich Mullins song OTHER than “Awesome God” get played on a Sunday morning. “Hold Me Jesus” for example.

    • Vicki Hanes

      Have always loved that song.

  • Who You Are

  • I am NOT a worship leader…. my husband is. No one will ever ask me to be part of a worship team unless it is for preschoolers, but my heart loves to worship in music. That said, you are correct in assuming that the songs that the worship team might think will be the game changers are not always the ones that God chooses to prick hearts with…

    Be Thou My Vision is one that gets me every time. I know it is older than the hills, but the words are timeless and when it is done in a powerful way it is amazing (hint: the key change just before the last verse gives me goose bumps!).

  • joeyriggins83

    I am set free by All Sons and Daughters and Freedom Is Here by Hillsong united(with epic drum outro***note I’m the drummer:)

  • Adam Pflum

    I’m only 36 and as much as I love the newer music like Hillsong, Kari Jobe, etc., the old hymns stir me like Old Rugged Cross, and old gospel-esqe tunes like O, Happy Day… Not a lot of verses/different words and simple music that my soul can sing without thinking about it.

  • Wale Aladejana


  • Lord I Need You, by Matt Maher
    You Are Worthy of Your Glory, by Austin Stone Worship
    Come Thou Found, Page CXVI
    The Lord Our God, Kristian Stanfill
    Waiting Here for you, Christy Nockels

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  • Ashley

    Crags and Clay by Gungor
    Closer by Bethel Live
    After All – DCB (acoustic)
    Fragrance – Jon Thurlow (might have to shorten for a large crowd)
    Throwbacks like: Come thou’ fount, Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art and Hallelujah, What a Savior (Ascend the Hill version)
    Redeemed – BDW
    Lead me to the Cross
    Deliver Me – DCB

    Pretty much any DCB is money. Same with Hillsong, Jesus Culture, and Bethel Live.

  • Erica

    sorry,,, I just wanted to make a comment on the video with Danny the homeless is awesome… you should to do a cd with that man both of you are so talented… well done…

  • Jannae

    Can’t Hold Us! -Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

    Ok no Im just kidding! But that is my favorite “running” song right now!

    Worship song: All Creatures -Kings Kaleidoscope (liking all their hymn remix’s)

  • Closer by Bethel is #1 on my list. 10000 Reasons is still a favorite.

  • Lauren Carnathan

    I’m a youth minister and the song that gets my teens EVERY. TIME. is “It is Well.” They had a powerful camp experience with this song a year ago and ever since then it has made a huge impact if we sing it in church.

  • Ashley Bonner

    White Flag!

  • Kristin

    pretty much everything playing on Bethel Music/Live on pandora.

  • Yvonne Knight

    Anything by Rich Mullins

    “When the Stars Burn Down” by Phillips, Craig & Dean

    “The Anthem” by Planetshakers

    “Worthy is the Lamb” by Darlene Zschech

    “In Christ Alone” (especially when mixed with “My Hope is Built on Nothing Less”/Travis Cortrell’s version)

    “Moving Forward” by Israel Houghton/Freddy Rodriguez

    “You Hold my World”, also by Israel Houghton

    And other stuff. 😛 we’d be here forever if I went on.

  • Jamie

    “Take Back,” Will Reagan & United Pursuit

  • Joy

    Good question. I don’t consider myself super traditional, but hymns always do it for me. I especially love ‘before the throne of God above, I have a strong and perfect plea…”