Dear Girls Of The 80’s. You’re Welcome…


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  • I may have just cried a little. 🙂

  • bradblackman

    My Little Pony is a huge hit with my 4-year old daughter. Of course, it’s all ‘friendship is magic” and stuff now.

  • Angie Wilkinson

    umm, I think I had all of them. . except the warrior barbie/horse thing. . .don’t remember that one.
    Had the radio in lavender and hurt my feet in the jellies and of course, sported my Swatch watch everywhere !

  • Liz

    Even as a child of the late 80s/early 90s, I’d say I recognize about 95% of that stuff, and had it… and was dressed in Cabbage Patch clothes by my parents because I was a premie. This was GLORIOUS! Day made 🙂

  • Sherri ‘Amstutz’ Legg

    This just made my day. I still have my Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High books! My niece now has all my Barbies and My Little Pony paraphernalia. My eraser collection was enviable and ridiculous. Thanks for this, Los!

  • kelps

    I’m wearing my Swatch Watch right now!!

  • Deea Paul

    I had 3 Swatch, and 3 pair of jellies, and that exact boom-box.

  • BriAnne

    I Remember Or Had All Of These At One Point… Although We Did Find ThaT Radio In Storage At Work ReCently…. What A Blast From The Past…

  • mongupp

    Oh I was a sweet valley fanatic!

  • Sara

    Someone was reading Buzzfeed today, huh?

    • CoffeeWithChris

      couldn’t even link back even though it was mentioned…

  • Brian Roden

    My 7-year-old just got a MLP rainbow Dash at Build-a-Bear for her birthday. And my 13-year-old is buying MLP trading cards every time she has enough money saved.

  • That exact Cabbage Patch doll is sitting in my closet. And I totally had that boombox.

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  • HeidiH

    She-Ra! YES! 🙂

  • Katie Milton

    Oh my gosh! I think I read every single SVH book and totally owned that pink tape player! I loved it and made tons of mixed tapes with it! Thanks for the throwback!

  • I had a cabbage patch and jelly shoes. I turned 8 in 1980, so I was too old for some of it.

  • Try all of them…except a Swatch watch, although I had a few faux Swatches.

  • Michelle

    And a thank you to you!!! I had the books, pony, cabbage patch, Facts of Life (still watch), swatch watches– several as you remember, erasers, jelly shoes (miss them), and it was my big brother who bought me the pink “bubble” radio fro Christmas one year. The 80’s were good to us!!
    Also trying to contact you via e-mail and your link doesn’t link?? What’s the best way to contact you not about booking, well sort of about booking.

  • Jera

    I had every single one of those! ::tear::

  • Dion Evans

    My daughter loves her Cabbage Patch Kids. She has two of them…

  • Natalie

    My face totally lit up and late elementary and jr high feelings flooded in!!! I love it!!