You’re 8. You hear the music. You steal $2 from mom’s purse. You run outside. What do you order?

You’re 8. You hear the music. You steal $2 from mom’s purse. You run outside.

What do you order?


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  • Emily Miller

    If all I can snag is $2, then I get the Chocolate Crunch bar. If I can dig around and find some change? Cookies and Cream Big Dipper, without hesitation. Man, I love summer!

  • KT

    Pink Panther all the way!

    • Emily Miller

      The gumball eyes are the best!

  • Chocolate crunch. That or I steal another $1 from dad and get the Choco Taco.

  • Deea Paul

    Mom wouldn’t have had $2 but I would have gotten Strawberry Crunch if I could have.

  • Jeff_Grif

    Strawberry Crunch for sure with the ice cream sandwich as the standard backup.

  • Dave Jones

    Definitely Strawberry Crunch!

  • Andy Gergen

    Then: Chaco Taco
    Now? Chaco Taco

  • Jordan

    Strawberry Crunch. Backup: Chocolate Crunch

  • Alicia K

    ICE CREAM TWIX!! Hands down.
    Although the last time I stole something from my mom, I was in college and it was an umbrella. White and green stripes, all wrapped up nice and tight.
    But when I opened it (next time it rained on campus), it opened up to say “WASTE MANAGEMENT” in big, bold letters. I was a walking advertisement for a trash company.

  • Elissa

    Then, the red white and blue bomb pop. Now, I want a Choco-taco. For breakfast. I got something from the ice cream man exactly one time as a kid. Sad but true.

  • melguera

    Ninja Turtles. Always.

  • Joseph

    Pink Panther. The eyes were gumballs.

  • Kevin R. Poole

    Choco Taco… Every time.

    • Kevin R. Poole

      Oh wait… $2… Crap

  • Stuck

    Great… five seconds looking at this and I’m no longer eight with two dollars… I’m thirty three stuck at work in an office with no lunch break and a CRAZY craving for ice cream! Thanks Los 🙁

  • Eddie Harrison

    Choco Taco….after sweet-talking the man in the truck to give it to me for $2.

  • Cameron Corbin

    Lemon chill!!!!!!! Those things are amazing!!!

  • Kaela Bostic

    Watermelon Whirl and Bomb Pop Jr- yup double fistin in the summer time .

  • But the choco taco and the cookie ice cream sandwich is $3! 🙁

  • Eternal Lizdom

    No push pops??? Oh, the humanity!!!

  • HeatherEV

    Choco Taco…now I want ice cream!

  • pamelahunter

    at 8…definitely the bomb pop. now…almost always the strawberry crunch. yeah.

  • Brittany Bartkowiak

    The chocolate crunch or Banana Fudge Bomb pop

  • Kevin Pellatiro

    Bomb Pop. #merica

  • Christina Sherwood

    Bomb Pop..

  • I’ve got expensive tastes. All of the things that look good to me are over $2.

  • Well I don’t know, that really limits my options. guess the Cookies n Cream bar, but I was really eyeballing that Twix bar.

  • George Martinez

    CHOCO TACO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • George Martinez

    Steal another dollar!!! Hahaha lord forgive me!

  • Kim S.

    Big Dipper…all the way

  • Bomb Pop. Every time. Red white and blue please.

  • Matthew

    Choco Taco all the way!

  • beccity98

    I have earrings that look like the strawberry crunch. Exactly. Except my mom called them something else. You can find them on etsy. I’ve also seen sno cones and rocket pops. I love foodie earrings!! I also have mint chip cones, raspberry truffles and chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and Peeps.

    I don’t really like any of the ones on the menu, except maybe the Jolly rancher cup, which I’ve never tried. As a kid, I would get regular jolly ranchers and a Big Stick. Remember when Jolly ranchers came as a long bar?

  • Bomb pop or banana fudge

  • tstaires

    Choco Taco…of course!