The Key To Living An Adventure Is Scaling The Right Fence. #BeBrave #JustJump

Most of my life I thought that scaling a 5 foot fence and leaping over it was adventurous.
And you know what? For most of us, myself included, it is.
If you catch your foot on the top of that fence, you could land on your face, sprain your ankle, or belly flop on the pavement.
All sorts of pain.
But you also have the opportunity to land on your feet.
And 9 times out of 10…You will.
The adventure was landing safely.

What if that 5 foot fence led you to an adventure of bravery?
Instead of satisfaction from landing safely…
It led you to a rush only the brave experience?
To be scared to the point of walking away from the fence 5 times only to overcome that fear and JUST JUMP.

Here is the same pic from above… UnCropped

A few weeks ago me and some of my friends hung out with our friend Bob for a few days and he taught us to do a few things.
Just Jump and Say Yes.

So ever since then I have been doing just that.
And in 2 short weeks my life looks incredibly different simply because I replaced the adventure of landing safely with the adventure of being brave.

Yesterday I jumped off a 35 foot bridge into a freezing cold river.
I walked away 3 times before just jumping.
I drove 90 minutes just to jump off that bridge.
And I’ll never forget it.

All around you there are 5 foot fences you can scale and jump over…
Some lead to the chance to land in a safe adventure and some lead to the chance to land in a BRAVE adventure.
Choose the 2nd one every time friends.

What fence can you jump over this week?!!!


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  • RickEstes

    Good words!

  • remissional

    Isn’t it interesting that Jesus called us to a life of adventure: not knowing where and if we could find a place to sleep, not knowing how we would be fed, not even knowing if we would live past the moment, but our churches teach comfort, and safety, and “blessing” (financial of course!)

    Keep jumping fences! Keep shaking things up! Keep living the adventure!

  • Pat Callahan

    Love it! Great words of advice – we can miss out on a lot of life if w fail to embrace living.

  • YES! The most rewarding times of my life have been when I have chosen to JUMP instead of play it safe.

    • Ashley Jones

      I can completely relate! What looks like pain can truly just be deception that is keeping us from something GREAT. But wow, man– Cannot believe you jumped off that bridge! Epic.

  • Linda

    going to jump the fence of getting up , getting out of bed and going to prayer all five work days of every week! Been “trying” to do this for about two months and haven’t made the all-five-days goal yet. I’m going to do it, pour out my heart to God with my precious church family and just stand still and see what He may do in my life as a result…pray for me around wake up time M-F 🙂

  • Josh White

    Ok, so totally off topic. I’m a worship leader who deals with panic and anxiety. Would like to talk to you about it sometime, if you ever get the chance. 🙂