The Difference Between First-Time Parents And Us Old Veteran Parents

When we had Sohaila ELEVEN years ago…
Things were quite different in the baby parenting world.
There was no hashtagging your baby’s name in every photo.
There was no instagramming of every smile.
And compared to todays strollers, our were tanks.

But there are some things that have not changed about parenting.
And that is going from 1 kid, to 2 kids.
And how parents with 2 or more kids, look at first time parents with 1 kid, cock their heads left a little and say…”Awwww. How cute. Remember when we were like that?”
Over at Buzzfeed there is an amazing post on some of these differences between first time parents and experienced parents.
Here are some…

A first time parent getting ready to have a baby…

An experienced parent getting ready to have a baby…

A first time parents version of the baby’s nursery…

An experienced parent’s version of a nursery…

A first time parent’s reaction when their child gets hurt…

An experienced parent’s reaction when their child gets hurt…

What are some of the things that just roll off your back as an experienced parent that used to stress you out as a first time parent?


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  • Mike

    We just had our fifth. Whatever is right…

  • Hilarious…and so very true.

  • Beth

    Haha. I raised two boys. At some point along our journey, I made the transition from “here, let mommy kiss your boo-boo” to “don’t wake me up from my nap unless there’s blood or you see a bone sticking out.” Is it any wonder both of my tough guys are now active duty military? 🙂

    • Jen

      I’m at the point now where there needs to be a certain amount of blood before I even look up.

  • ChanceDM

    I see something with pacifiers. With the first kid, bink falls on carpet, then I boil it in hot water. Third kid, bink falls in toilet – “Ahh, it’s fine.”

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  • Justin Davis

    the last resonates the most with me especially in the realm of getting the kids to sleep. with our oldest (and i’m noticing the same with new parents) we would rock her to sleep and made sure she went down nice and peaceful like and if they started crying we rushed in to rock them right back to sleep. the kids after, however, got put on a scheduled and if they were crying then they were just going to have to cry themselves to sleep.

  • Shayne

    The transition from parent to grand-parent is even weirder. You go from your Nazi-like obsession to keeping your kids away from soda and sweets to gleefully filling THEIR kids up with all manner of diabetes-inducing substances. And for the low-low cost of a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese and a pocketful of tokens…NOTHING YOU DO WILL EVER BE WRONG AGAIN. EVER.
    And the changes to your kid is amazing. In the time it takes to push that little baby out into the world you go from being the stupidest person God ever put on this planet to being Steve Jobs-style genius.
    “Mom…little Mary shoved her peas up her nose…what should I do?”
    “Try carrots instead?”
    “Mom…little Jimmy stuck his head in the toilet…what do I do?”
    “Uh…get his head out of the toilet?”
    Yep. Being a grandparent is weird. But awesome. So my message to the world is this: Hang in there, newbie parents! Just remember…payback is a…well, you know.

  • I think of when you take your only child to the playground and they start climbing on the equipment and you don’t get more than 2 feet away from them because you are ready to catch them if they fall. Now with 2 kids, we point to the playground and say go play while we try to find a quiet place to sit.

  • Jen

    Among other things…

  • thejimmyforde

    I once heard it put this way, The first child is the Good China, the second child is tupperware, the third child is a paperplate on your lap…