Pastors, Porsches, and Pimpin’

So The Oxygen Network has a new reality show destined to lift up the American Church in the eyes of the world.
Or maybe not.
May I introduce you to Preachers Of LA.

Now. Let’s have a little bit of a discussion.
I’ve worked in all sorts of churches.
Little ones and big ones.
I’ve worked for pastors who drive nice cars and ones that drive junkers.
I actually could care less WHAT kind of car you drive.
It’s the attitude that disturbs me.

I’m saving up for an El Camino.
So I can roll East LA in East Nasty.
And I’m gonna trick that pony up.

But this trailer is actually a bit nauseating for me.
Because it’s confusing.
In once scene it’s pretty much a 2Chainz video and in the next it’s leading someone to Christ. (I placed that link in there for you mom)
I think if you chase Jesus, honestly, it’s impossible for it to be about YOU anymore.
And we are dangerously close in many churches I see, to elevating our pastors past pastor and into idol status.

I don’t know any of these pastors.
They don’t know me.
They seem like they are probably fantastic humans with flawed theology.  Kinda like me.  🙂
I’d probably be friends with that one skinny divorced fashion diva dude.
I just think this is a bad idea all the way around.
Now it’s your turn…

Pastors and Their Fancy Cars/Houses/Watches…



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  • Brad Christian

    Such a tension… I’m with you that the prosperity gospel is flawed. However – on the flip side… There are people who would condemn pastors who live in upper middle class homes. Where do we draw the line of rich? Do we all need to be like Francis Chan and sell everything and move?

    • ktackel

      God will bless people differently even pastors but this sickened me. To your point do pastors need to sell everything like Chan? No, but they do not need to flaunt it on tv shows or newspapers, etc.

  • @StevenPatton

    Maaaaaan hold up. So a woman has to tell her boyfriend – who is a pastor “If you want to have more children then I want us to be married.” HUH?!?!?!?! So is it safe to assume they’re already having sex? A woman has to tell a PASTOR she wants to be married if they’re gonna have kids?! I’m EXTRA grieved. I’m flawed. Not waiving the perfect flag. But has the standard fallen THIS low that people need to remind PASTORS about marriage?

  • Katie Prescott Beasley

    Very disturbing. “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow me.” And another, “Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but woe to anyone through whom they come. It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble. So watch yourselves.” Years ago, my wise Christian mother said to me, “You won’t know the value of the cross until you understand the depth of your sin.” Do we dare to flaunt our sin and then try to lead others? The one who truly has faith is the one who isn’t prosperous in the world’s eyes and yet says, “I love my Savior. He is so good.”

  • Josh

    God can use anybody. Even flawed sinners…. like myself.

  • Justin Davis

    I’ve never really cared what they drive or anything else. a pastor doesn’t have to be not generous to be prosperous and they can definitely save up for something he takes a fancy towards. i just think it stems from jealousy or maybe a way to take a cheap stab at a pastor someone might not like. so, like you said, it comes down to their heart and really if they’re in the right place God (or trying to get to the right place rather since they’re sinners like the rest of us 🙂 ) than the people who nitpick at it won’t have any ground to stand on.

  • Shayne

    When I first saw a hint that there was gonna be a show like this, I thought “Great. Just what the Church needs…more bad publicity.”

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  • Mike Lovato

    Wow, I wish someone had taken video of my face as I watched it. Pretty crazy. One of the guys is at a church in Rubidoux, one exit from my house.

    In the midst of that craziness though, it looks like there could be some interesting story in there as well.

  • The best thing we can do… not watch. No ratings, no shows. But easier said than done… it’s like a train wreck.

    • Brad Schelling

      Best thing we can do… pray. God used donkeys, floods, imperfect men (see Hebrews 11), a flawed nation (Israel), and His perfect Son to bring glory to His name. He can surely use a good/bad/youdecide TV show. May the Holy Spirit of God move in the lives of those watching to bring glory to Himself.

      • I hope you’re right… but I’m sure you won’t be.

  • Diana

    To whom much is given, much is required. This grieves me.

  • ‘Murica.

  • My stomach actually hurts.

  • Ann

    This makes me sad on many levels. Not watching.

  • adam

    wow is all I gotta say. Like you said, looks like another drama focused reality tv show. I understand all the hype and fame can get to your head. I truly agree with God’s heart for His children to be blessed but certainly not to promote YOUR ministry or YOUR goals. Its quite the temptation though. I don’t think we should judge, yet pray for restoration for these people. To come back to the simplicity of the cross. To realize that we no longer live. Its time the world sees true selfless christianity.

    Haha as I post my website link shamelessly. 🙂

  • Rob Beaudreault

    With apologies to your mom, I found myself hovering over that 2Chainz link too. Love the insight & was not aware of this show. I’ll be certain to switch over to something safe like the Food Network next time this comes on…oh, wait….

  • Cindy

    Um, wow. Just when I thought TV couldn’t go any lower, pop goes that bubble.

    These guys don’t seem to hide, cover or sugar coat their imperfections or agendas but still appear to be extremely successful in worldly terms. So here’s what I’m wondering….. who is funding the gravy train? It’s not the congregation of yesteryear who were conned, swindled and lied to by a group of pastors who “fell from grace” and made it really easy to throw stones. This is full disclosure to the point of TMI. Doesn’t responsibility rest as much with their congregations? And now, the entire TV watching world. This isn’t just tolerating it…it is REWARDING behavior that has little to no resemblance (that I can see from this video) to the example Jesus set in His life here on earth.

  • Jurgan

    These are some conflicted people, no doubt. They seem like they’re trying to do good and genuinely care about their parishioners. On the other hand, they are promoting the prosperity gospel and saying they deserve to be rich, which is a pretty vile heresy. My concern, though, is that these preachers are almost all black or Hispanic and they are shown with somewhat stereotypical possessions. If there is a backlash against this show, I can easily see it being racially motivated, and that’s not what the problem is. But can’t you picture criticisms of ghetto preachers with their blinged out cars? I don’t know if that will happen, but it seems likely.

  • Virgil Richardson

    Q: Why does America hate the church more now than they ever have?
    A: “Coming this Fall …”

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  • eli

    I can’t comment…I’m too busy puking! Oh the pain of watching that trailer…

  • Art Good

    I’ll be watching!

  • Billy Starkey

    I’m just really impressed with that one guy’s moustache

  • Michelle D

    I think that unfortunately- the media is going to turn that into something it really isnt just for the sake of a good show. Yes, at the end of the day those Pastors are just men, but the bible does say that God does hold accountable those that are in leadership…so follow that narrow road. I believe God wants us to be blessed and prosperous and I would love for my Pastor to reap here on earth before he gets to heaven.

    I probably won’t watch it because it would be too easy to sit and judge! Only God knows their hearts. (would it be bad to say I am glad those aren’t my pastors? )

  • Nikki

    I started to comment, but the comment turned into a blog post of its own. I didn’t want to get all deep on your post. So, the short version is, now that the show has premiered, it’s just as much of a hot mess and I expected it to be.