So this happened in 1982. And It makes me feel better about America’s future. #LikeTotally


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  • The 80’s were glorious and awful. Gloriously awful. And awesome.

  • Brian O’Dowd

    I’m stuck on “Moon Zappa”…what in the world….kind of name…is that??

  • Matt Vosburgh

    Pause video, remove gun from mouth, watch this

  • Kim S.

    that’s sad…just plain sad. I’m so glad that at least now we live in a sort decent time where people are, yes concerned about their looks, but they are also going out into the community and doing something.

  • I was 14 then and remember that era so well.

  • Bryan J Sissel

    as an 85 hs grad i had blocked that from my memory thanks

  • I spent the entire summer between 7th and 8th grade practicing using the word “like” relentlessly. Now I’m 37 and I can’t quit. It’s, like, totally embarrassing, like, y’know?