Trayvon, My Arrest, And Why I Was Confused I Wasn’t Filled With Rage

I’ve been arrested by a cop that said “You don’t look like you are from this neighborhood.”
I’ve been called a nigger by a man at a gas station within the last 4 months.
I’ve been profiled in my Cadillac with my flat bill cocked a little right… 6 times on the same stretch of highway.
I’ve had a note that said “Go home nigger” slid under my dorm room door my freshman year of college.
I could keep going but you get it…
The black in my life isn’t African American.
My father is a black hispanic from Colon, Panama.
But black is black.
American or Panamanian.
Africa is home at some point in my recent string of ancestors.

When this Trayvon case shot to the forefront of CNN I remember first feeling like I could somewhat identify with the kid.
I’ve been profiled as someone upto no good simply because of what I looked like.
But I remember also thinking…

I. Was. Not. There.
None. Of. Us. Were.

Then the verdict.
I was so sad for the kids parents.
I just imagined what I would feel like if this happened to one of my kids.
But rage did not fill my heart as I have seen it fill so many of my friends and people I follow on twitter.
Am I broken?  Is my black broken?  Is my minority broken?
Is something wrong with me?

I haven’t been shot at for being a Black Panamanian/Mexican but I have been judged and cursed at.
Where was my rage?
Why am I not more angry?

It took a day but I can now tell you why.
Because the guy that called me a nigger a few months ago at the gas station, he’s no worse than I.
And the guy that slid the note calling me a nigger under my dorm room door, he’s no worse than I.
And the cops that pull me over and ask me if I’m carrying drugs or a weapon EVERY SINGLE TIME I drive my Cadillac down I-40 between Bellevue and Dickson… They are NO worse than I.

Yes we need to continue the dialogue of how to bridge race relations in this country.
But laws are not going to do it.
Trials are not going to do it.
And vengeance is not going to do it.
And I don’t think I’m soft for recommending that we do only one thing.
We be the face of Jesus to those who we resent and disgust us.
We be the face of Jesus to those who we want to spit on.

This may sound trite…
But I believe racial divides will only heal when the Holy Spirit is leading the way and not a justice system.
So in the wake of this tragedy where a 17 year old kid is dead and a man has no more freedom.

Everyone hates everyone…
Let’s stop and see how any of this is fixing anything.

March. Tweet. Cuss. Cry. Sign. Donate. Wonder. Fix. Stand. Hoodie.
All of this is important and we need to do what we can do with the skills and strength we have been blessed with…
But when you are done doing all those things that you can do on your own…
Just BE.
BE Jesus and watch racial, socioeconomic, and cultural lines blur into revival.
Call me a romantic.
But I think Jesus can fix things before we can.


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  • Rachel-Yvonne McIntosh

    the best post I’ve read on this topic!!!

    • ragamuffinsoul

      Rachel! Thanks my friend across the pond!

  • Melinda Draffin

    Yes. This.

    • ragamuffinsoul

      Gracias Melinda.

  • Cherie Burns

    I love your posts. Even the most heated issues in society make sense when you blog about them. I admire your strength!

    • ragamuffinsoul

      Thanks Cherie.

  • Dale Aceron

    Easy to say, easier to write and hard to do in these circumstances…but yes, we must try to BE Jesus.


    • ragamuffinsoul

      SO hard.

  • Brad Weaver

    Amen, amen, and amen! I am sorry that people have called you such terrible things but am so honored you are a brother in Christ who walks just as He would. Prayers for this truth to reach others!

    • ragamuffinsoul

      It’s ok friend. Thanks for reading.

  • Beth Bates

    This is it. Jesus is the answer. Thank you.

    • ragamuffinsoul


  • Amen brother! In the immortal words of John Lennon “All You Need Is Love” and that love is JESUS! Once people bring the focus back there, we can solve so much of the issues in today’s world. Viva la Romantics!

    • ragamuffinsoul


  • Josh Naugle

    I don’t even know where to begin with how great this message is. Murder. A kid. Race (whether or not you agree it should have been an issue). Innocence / Guilt. Grace. All heavy things that can all be addressed by one thing. Jesus. It’s still not the easiest thing to process, but it makes me feel better than all the hatred and rage that can build up inside when looking at the social issues outside the case. Thank you.

    • ragamuffinsoul

      Josh. Thanks for stopping by

  • Macias Orozco

    That’s completely correct hermano “Jesus es la Solucion” Jesus is the answer !!

    • ragamuffinsoul

      Todo el tiempo

  • Eternal Lizdom

    I read this and was kind of confused… because I’m a middle aged white woman and I am definitely angry and heart broken. Have been for this situation since it all happened – and the verdict wasn’t really going to change that.

    But then I so strongly agreed with you at the end that it didn’t matter (I even had to link to your post and quote you on my own blog).

    BE Jesus.

    A church I attended this past weekend talked about the purpose of worship –

    Come seeking help.
    Learn HOW – because God CAN.
    Be open to His Healing.

    • ragamuffinsoul


  • Jeff

    Spot on.

    • ragamuffinsoul

      Thanks Jeffry

  • bubbawithab

    Good article, and hits the nail on the head. Christ is the only answer here for defusing racism. And our vigilance to stand up to it wherever we see it, but that means we need to THINK through what is racism and what is not.

    We should also be VERY careful to not conflate George Zimmerman and racism. By any reasonable observation, he was not a racist. He was getting the tar beat out of him by Trayvon on top and a concrete sidewalk below. If Trayvon were white, and I were in GZ’s place, he would have still been dead… I am not going to die, leave my kids and wife and friends because some kid who doesn’t appreciate being followed (but looks to be up to no good) decides to attack me from some bushes.

    And yes, I would be appropriately armed if I thought there was a chance of it. Self defense is a Jewish, Christian and American hallmark, despite the protestations of pacifistic Christians who apparently wouldn’t kill a homicidal man in a home invasion. the Church’s thinking ability is so poor at this moment in history that we cannot distinguish guilt from innocence, or combine justice and mercy. We are to be blamed more than anyone else for our condition.

    • ragamuffinsoul

      Thanks for taking the time to write Bubba.

  • ken dorsey

    Thank you for allowing my monitor to ooze with hope and love. I wasn’t sure if I was saturated enough but this reaffirms that we can get it if we just exist to be greater than we currently are!

    • ragamuffinsoul

      Appreciate you Ken!

  • Well said!

    • ragamuffinsoul

      Thanks twin!

  • Josh

    Such good words!
    Now the “trick” for ALL of us: don’t just read and have warm fuzzies inside. BE Jesus beginning today!

    • ragamuffinsoul

      Amen Josh.

  • Mike Ruel

    Invaluable perspective that I will probably never have as an American white male.

    However, this perspective is missing something very important.

    For us to “be Jesus” alone will not solve this. Rather, we need to point people to Jesus himself, not us, so that he can save them. In our discussions of this, let’s not blow right by the gospel. Agreed, our role is to continue to incarnate the love of Jesus, but ultimately it must be paired with speaking the truth of the gospel — as only Jesus’ perfect sacrifice can restore what sin has broken.

    “For in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross.”

    (Colossians 1:19–20 ESV)

    • ragamuffinsoul

      That scripture right there!!!

  • Theresa Romero

    I definitely had the same train of thought on why I wasn’t filed with rage. I wrote a post about it myself, check it out if you’d like!

    • Brandi

      Read your blog. It was perfect. And you have a way with words, little lady.

      • Theresa Romero

        Thank you! Really, I’m glad my words didn’t get me in trouble this time. (; God Bless!

  • I spent last night wondering what could be, if the streets were filled with people from both sides of this argument, together, holding a vigil. Instead of protests, and anger, what if we filled the streets and stood next to each other in love, knowing that we may not agree with each other on whether or how the verdict played out, but that we can all agree, this is tragic on every level, and that our love – the love of Christ – has to be what changes this, is the only thing that makes young Trayvon not die in vain, the only thing that makes Zimmerman’s loss of freedom not in vain… Thank you for this post, Carlos.

  • Fabiola Berriozabal Johnson

    Me too “BE Jesus and watch racial, socioeconomic, and cultural lines blur into revival.Call me a romantic.”

  • Suzanne

    I love the message! This is completely random and off topic but you said you’d been profiled on the same stretch of highway 6 times. Every weekend that I drive down to rural South Ga to help out my mom caring for my grandmother with dementia the good old worth county boys see a car from the “big city” and make a stink. It’s happened 4 times. It always starts with “so you’re from Atlanta…” and the last time my music was apparently “too loud” while driving through miles of cotton fields. I bought a notebook and now offer them prepackaged famous amos cookies with scripture. Being a white female probably helps my cause, but I just loved telling them I was expecting them and here’s some cookies…..

    • Susan Ford Keller

      Be careful. Some small town sheriff’s depts. and police depts. pull people over and then take the opportunity to seize your assets. They can trump up reasons to pull you over and if they can justify searching your car, they will. People have lost all the money they were carrying to these asset forfeiture seizures; sometimes they even lose their cars. These small town cops sometimes need whatever assets they seize to meet their budgets. (I believe it’s the federal marshal’s service that sells everything for them.) Typically, anything seized is never returned even if you are able to clear your name with the court system. Seriously, google “asset forfeiture.” You’ll see what I mean.

  • FreedomAndForgiven

    I must say I enjoyed your article. As I career musician I have been spreading on my pages for my fans to not spread hate no matter what their race is. All that hate they feel they should focus into changing things. Change in politics. Protest politicians, and figure heads who spread hate. They are the ones who keep stirring the fire to keep us blind from what is going on. Politicians got the fires going on gay rights, and while everyone was arguing over that Obama signed a bill that stated American citizen can be held in military prisons, indefinitely, without trial or being charged with a crime. All the while people didn’t notice because hate was being spread by people into politics.

  • Susan Hill Kelly

    Thank you, this is a great reminder that we need to ‘be Jesus’ to everyone, and make a point to show Him in our lives daily…

    2 Corinthians 4:8-12 (ESV)
    8) We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; 9) persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed; 10) always carrying in the body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our bodies. 11) For we who live are always being given over to death for Jesus’ sake, so that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh. 12) So death is at work in us, but life in you.

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  • Michelle Bordin

    Loved this post! Its the best that I have seen on this case so far. As a white woman adopting a Haitian son, I have been more aware of race in our country. I have been concerned on how I will be able to protect him from people that you mentioned in your post – that will treat him poorly only because of the color of his skin – and telling myself that our family’s love for him will be enough…. but YOU ARE RIGHT! We will need to hand this over to Jesus and trust in the Lord to protect his heart and help us raise a man of character, love, and strength.

  • Amen brother!

  • Art

    I found your link on a friends Facebook page and I’m glad I clicked on it and read your article. I thought about the BE Jesus comment and remembered Mark 12:30-31a, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: Love your neighbor as yourself. It’s disgraceful to listen to some of the political and community leaders spewing forth their own racial bias towards this tragedy. One has to wonder if they have ever read this scripture and if so why are they doing what they are doing. Thanks for your sharing your thoughts.

  • Annette Oden

    Dear Carlos –

    As maddening as you can be (from the distance of tweets and blog posts), you make me better. It has nothing to do with the color of your skin. It’s because occasionally when you “talk”, God uses you to burn my stinky flesh. When I hang out in your vicinity, any last bits of the stupid religious spirit scream as they die. I thank you for that. Mostly. 🙂

  • Alisha

    WOW!!!! I mean WOW!!! AMEN!!

  • Probably one of the better posts I’ve read on this topic. You pretty much nailed it. Reliance on laws, trials and judgments to validate our beliefs is a weak foundation, shifting sand at best. Be Jesus, weep with those who weep, mourn with those who mourn, bless those who persecute you. Keep heaping the presence of God into their laps until they can’t take it anymore.

  • Jacquie

    Thank you for sharing this — it is the heart of God pouring out of you with authenticity, grace and a truck-load of love! You are a blessed man and have blessed me this afternoon!

  • Terry in PA

    Just wonderfully stated. You touched my heart with hope for us all.

  • Powerful Los. While I can’t fathom the pain you’ve felt from the words so callously tossed your way, I can say I’m sorry that people have treated you that way.

    Your words also touched me today. There’s nothing that will change our attitudes and mindsets like Jesus. Through Him all things will be reconciled.

  • Randy Anderson

    So, does this leave the Democrat party out of the picture, just saying, since they voted to leave GOD out of their official convention talking points… don’t believe me…look it up!

    • Bob D

      Mark 12:17 ASV
      American Standard Version
      “And Jesus said unto them, Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s. And they marvelled greatly at him.”
      If you actual took his message to heart you would know that his statement “BE JESUS” makes your point moot. This has nothing to do with political affiliation…

      • William Morgan

        I think you have missed something Bob. While I do not believe either party is “Pro-God” the Democrat party has proven to be distinctly anti-God. They do not value life or liberty and their policies have led to the generational poverty we see in both white and minority populations. Poverty is the ultimate problem and why people are getting profiled (higher crime rates, etc.). The democrat party worships at the alter of the state and is trying to replace God in our society with government.

        • Bob D

          Please explain to me how your political “opinion” has anything to do with the subject at hand and what Carlos is speaking of… You bring politics into a conversation where Carlos is clearly speaking of being more like Christ. I pointed out what Jesus says in the Bible about leaving the government to government and what is God’s to God… Please do not think that just because the Republican party has played to the fears of conservative Christians that they are a party that embraces God. Give to Ceasar what is Ceasar and give to God what is Gods. Like Carlos is saying. Be Jesus. Try out that mindset in your rebutal to me.

  • Laura B.

    In this post, there is hope. Hope is the one thing I was not seeing much of on my Twitter feed or in my Facebook newsfeed. People ask my stance on this trial, this situation, and I tell them I don’t have one, because I wasn’t there. I don’t know what really happened. And because deep down inside, the hope you’ve just displayed is the hope that’s in my heart. Spewing hate doesn’t change hate. Hope does. Change does. And as you so perfectly stated, that comes from Jesus.

    I always, always enjoy your words, Carlos. I don’t comment much, but I always read, and I often share. 🙂

  • motorcop

    Dude. That was right on point. I blogged about the verdict as well, but from the cop perspective. Your post gets the heart of what happens after and what should happen before. Thank you for sharing your perspective. God bless!

  • George Scheide

    Very good words Los! That’s great!

  • I came to this link through a friend’s facebook status. Never heard a sermon that challenged me as much as this. Just being Jesus changes my heart first and ministers to others right after. Thanks for sharing your heart and touching mine.

  • Grammy

    I’m a white, 60+ year old grandma and all I can say is…this is the MESSAGE!!! Jesus is the only One who can fix this…I know ’cause He fixed me and my hate and rage! Thanks for bringing the Word on-line!

  • Brian H

    I don’t disagree with the sentiment of your post. Of course I don’t disagree with your feelings or experience. But when you say the ONLY thing needed is to “be the face of Jesus,” doesn’t that included how we vote, the laws we tolerate, the systems we support, and the language we use? Certainly we can say that the only solution to the problem of abortion is that people will love Jesus enough that they wouldn’t have an abortion, but there are defenseless lives as stake. I don’t think, as followers of Jesus, we can just wait for every person to know Jesus before we act to protect the victims. In the same way, it is not enough to wait for justice. We need to speak out on behalf of those who suffer. How you choose to respond to personal insults and injustices is a matter of conscience and faithfulness. I honor your decisions. But as a disciple, I need to fight the good fight against systems that degrade the image of God in others. The jury is not the enemy. George Zimmerman is not the enemy. But the Enemy has twisted the systems into which the jurors and Zimmerman (and Trayvon Martin and millions of other black men) are caught up, and I think we must stand up for righteousness.

  • Taurrie Watkins

    Thank you for expressing what have been my thoughts for the past few days. I to asked myself what is “wrong with m”e but now have come to see that the “right in me” is Jesus. Thank you for sharing your thoughts candidly with us.

  • Amy Satryan Preston

    So beautifully stated! Thank you for sharing your beliefs and your Hope in Jesus. I agree with you 100%. I was at the store this weekend and heard a little girl (while looking at reusable) water bottles say, “I want the brown one because it matches my skin”. Yes, sweet young girl with the sweet young voice….your skin is beautiful, you are beautiful and like each of us, no matter the color, you are a child of God!

  • wwehhh

    If EVERYONE, Especially Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, would stop the racist BS, then people can work towards being as 1 as we should anyways. We are all HUMAN BEINGS no matter our skin color! Stop the H8!

  • Victoria

    So true – regardless of our race, our color, our background, our strengths, our weaknesses, we must “be the face of Jesus…”. NOTHING else will solve our country’s pain, our world’s pain. Thank you for your good and frank words!

  • Glenn

    Yes. Just… Yes.

  • Marcia McDermott

    You rock!

  • Sherie Evans

    Thank you again for expressing what so many have felt.I have two adopted siblings who are African American and so many friends that I can not count them. I felt like I needed to do something, when what I still need to be, is Jesus with skin on.

  • Mr Former PoliceMan

    I’m just frustrated at the accepted use of the race card when a none Anglo is involved. Isn’t it just as racist to pull the card when no other circumstances warrant it? I as an Anglo male will never understand being anything else. I however have been on the end of a pulled race card when no other circumstances dictated the use of it. Just as you don’t want to be pigeonholed neither do why. I have no easy fix other then to know the people personally And judge them by their character only.

    I feel the need to apologize for the horrible treatment you list. We can only hope for a fast return of the Lord.

  • Joe Crenshaw

    Great article, you are right. No law, no social movement, nothing can deal with the core of racism wish is our sin nature created by separation from our Abba. Amen.

  • Rhapsody Hahn

    Amen, brother! Thank you for your blessed words, and for presenting your perspective in such a clear and compelling way. You know why I call you brother. Stay strong !!

  • Caelin

    loved it. there are only two races…the saved and the unsaved. both have an array of color. my husband and i are as white as you get with two verrrry white biological children. 2 years ago we adopted two mexican brothers we met at a boys home that a group from our church spends most saturdays. After knowing them for a year and a half(they were 16 and 17 at the time), we proceeded with the foster/adoption process. I was amazed at the road blocks put before us because apparently it raised red flags with the social services and the boys home that a white family would want to adopt two teenage mexican boys with gang backgrounds. We were told from the boys home that either our family had to stop the saturday visits or the whole church would have to stop. So months passed and we weren’t allowed any contact with the boys, but continued on with the process. Luckily…not luck…God provided…, we were friends with a juvenile court judge who gave us so much great advice, and friends of someone who had a friend whose job was to advocate for the foster kids and make sure the CPS was doing what was in the best interest of the kids. A few months later, we were allowed an overnight visit with them on christmas eve, and christmas day. in february of that year, it became permanent. The younger, now 19, calls me mama, and the older, now 21, still calls me “whitey”!(they were both very prejudice agains white people because all they knew was it was a white lady that took them away from their family. Since then, they have reconnected with an older brother(there were over 15 kids total taken out of their home about 12 years ago) who has moved here and considers us his adopted adopted family, and he actually now works at the boys home we met our boys at! God is truly good! Our biological kids, 22 and 15, and our adopted boys are as opposite as you can get, but we are told all the time that the way they all interact with each other, you would never know they weren’t raised together. Again, God is good. By society’s rules, this should have never worked. But God is sovereign!

  • Jermaine

    Word up! Soli Deo Gloria! I feel the same way my brother! New creatures = new hearts.

  • Jessica

    All I can say is Amen!

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  • Erich Robinson

    Carlos, thanks for sharing some of what is on your heart. I published your article along with 2 others you might find interesting on my blog today:

  • Liz Flaherty

    Thank you.

  • Ken Mann

    Great post, my brother. If we focused more on the goal / where we’re going than where we’ve been I think all of our lives can be better. Learning from the past is good, dwelling on the past is stagnation. Count me in on finding ways to be Jesus to the people around me today. Thanks, Carlos.

  • ChuckInBama

    POWERFUL! What an example for us all, whatever skin color God Almighty might have seen fit to put us in! Thank you for such a fresh and inspiring perspective Los. We all need to remember to be Second.

  • Bob

    Dr. Martin Luther King had it right… it’s not the color of our skin, it’s the content of our character.

    Our prisons are not filled with a majority of young, black males because they are black, but because of the content of their character. The fact that the highest level of fatherless homes are due to black men failing to fulfill their responsibilities isn’t because they are black, but because of the content of their character.

    The fact that a great percentage of abortions are exercised against black children has nothing to do with their color, but everything to do with the content of their parents character.

    There are wildly successful, wealthy, educated black people all across the nation and around the world. They got there because of the content of their character. They don’t blame anyone else for their situation, their character simply drives them to change their circumstances through integrity, education, hard work, sacrifice and commitment… which has nothing to do with the color of their skin.

    There are white people in poverty. Their are hispanics in poverty. There are black people in poverty… all of these races are found in the jails, in abortion clinics, etc… not because of their color, but because of their character. With rare exception is anyone truly trapped in their circumstance with no chance, no hope for ANY improvement… at least in America. Almost, again, I say almost anyone, can change their circumstance by changing their character.

    Dr. King was right. He hit the nail on the head…. it’s not about color at all. It’s about character. Jesus wasn’t a black man, nor was he a white man. He was olive skinned. Look at where he was born, who he was born to… it’s clear. And when we take Jesus in our hearts, the color of our skin doesn’t change… but the content of our character does. Our spirit, our soul and our whole mind become new. And our lives can become better because we’ve changed character.

    When blacks, whites and people of all color stop reacting to the same old external arguments and stimulus… and focus instead on the real issue, which is the condition of men’s hearts and the content of our character… then, and only then, will things be the way they are meant to be… only then will we all be one another’s brothers.

  • Nate

    Wow, that is extremely powerful and you are right on. I’m currently in a minority situation where I live and it is not easy to have that kind of mentality, but it is exactly what we need to have. Hatred isn’t fixed by more hatred or even entitlements. You’re right, it’s only fixed when we allow God to change us from the inside out.

  • A from PA

    Jesus, the name above all names… Jesus! It’s not about what we can do for Jesus, it’s about what Jesus can do through us. HE doesn’t look for capability, just availability. I choose to be available. Thank you for sharing.:o)

  • Mark Snyder

    Thanks for this. We live in a broken world defined by sin, It doesn’t mean God is not good, or in control. It means that hearts still need to be reached for Him, and changed for Him. God does want justice. He judged Israel because of their injustice. And God knows what justice is in this case, much as we might want to assert that we are right or someone else isn’t right about this. We can look and learn, and, get filled up with righteous thoughts about how bad things are, or people are. Then we can say our piece, and hopefully, it goes like this:

    “Have mercy on me Lord, for I am a sinner”.

  • percychow

    Your post made me love Jesus more man.

  • Joe Puentes

    I’ll never forget the time when a couple of teenage girls standing behind my wife and elementary-age daughter, in line at the store said to each other that they “feel dirty like a Mexican” and when they noticed my very Latina looking wife and daughter looking at them, the two girls just laughed at my two beautiful women and snickered and said that it was true… My wife just smiled at them and turned around and said a silent prayer for the two teenage girls…

    My elementary-aged daughter later asked why my wife didn’t say anything, and my wife’s response was that “Jesus died for people who need help and those two ignorant girls need help. Besides, fighting hate with hate does nothing for the glory of God” or something along these lines (It has been so long ago).

    I’ll also never forget the time my family and I were at the grocery store, and we were in the meat isle looking at steak for my wife to make carne-asada, when this man and woman pushed me and my wife aside (with my three kids standing next to us), with the woman saying do worry about them, they’re just Mexicans…

    I wanted to knock someone out, but remembered that being a pastor in the community, it probably wasn’t a good idea… My wife grabbed my hand and we just moved out of the way and gave them more room. I said in perfect english (because I don’t speak Spanish), “that I was sorry for being in their way” and then I just moved on…

    I write all this not to say “look at me” or that my wife and I are perfect, on the contrary; deep down in our hearts there is hurt, anger, frustration, and bitterness, and hate towards the people who offended us, especially in front of our kids… I don’t want to trivialize the murder of Trayvon Martin or racism period. No one died in both the incidents that happened to my family and I, its just that as a Christian we need to remember that this world is broken and hurting, all systems are in decay; and our response and role in matters of injustice, racism, socio-economic issues, and etc… is to BE the face of Jesus and help bring about reconciliation and restoration, not vengeance or punishment. THANKS again for this post and allowing the Holy Spirit to use you through this post.

  • Linda

    This resonates on so many levels whether race, politics, ethnicity, sexes, etc. You are saying again what MLK Jr. preached: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” One person at a time, one neighborhood at a time, one city, one law at a time…Be love, light to someone or something today…and tomorrow. “Just be” it!

    Thanks for saying it again!

  • ed

    I agree. Great post. America’s problem is not race, drugs, violence, or guns. America has a sin problem that manifests itself in these area’s. I am saddened by the death of Trayvon Martin. I pray for his family. But I am also sad for the thousands of innocent children that are aborted each and every day. I am saddened by the senseless violence that claims to many of our young people. We stand up and ask for our civil rights and for people to value a human life. We ask for Justice. How can we or anyone seek these things from other human beings when in fact our rights come from God. Yet we support things like same sex marriage and abortion in direct opposition to what God teaches. I find it ironic that someone like Tavis Smiley said “a black mans life is not valued in our society.” Maybe if black’s valued the life inside of their own womb’s or in their own communities enough. If we had as much visible outrage over the 70 percent of children born to unwed mothers in the black community, and the numbers of blacks killing other blacks in our communities, as we do over this verdict we could see a change. What we need to do is preach Christ, Preach repentance and reconciliation. Then watch how our communities will change.

  • john

    Amen brother.

  • Alisa

    I was escorted to the town limits because the truck I was driving wasn’t the requisite Lexus or Mercedes, making it obvious I wasn’t from around that ultra-rich neighborhood. (visiting family. I’m the poor relation….)

    I was pointed at by a black man and laughed at at the gas station because I was wearing a cowboy hat. (in the country, working horses.)

    I was called “Mother F’ing Square Peg” because I was the only white on the basketball team.

    I have been spit on, assaulted, robbed, threatened and made generally unwelcome with hostile looks for being white. And I, too, could go on and on.

    It’s not easy trying to bridge the gap when you are Wonder-Bred White. Yes, “bred”.

    I’m not giving up. Because this planet is my home. I wish I were more welcome in the black culture, but that’s just the way it is. People who look like me abuse people who look like you. And vice versa. I get it. But that’s not me. I so much want to know your culture. Your food. Your ways. Your thoughts. The way you speak. There is more to you than what I come up against. In my experience, the wall goes up and I am left with the idea that racism is all black people think about. Except for the many who have welcomed me into their lives and homes, I would be left with only that. Of all the cultures I have engaged, the African-American culture is the hardest to be welcomed into because I am white.

    So believe me when I say you are spot-on:


    Thank you so much for this article!

  • Jason Roy

    Carlos… you’re a rockstar bro. Looking forward to hanging again sometime soon.
    Jroy (B429)

  • Kristyanna Wolfe

    Powerful, loving, moving post. Thank you for sharing part of yourself with us and for sharing the power of our Savior. From one of God’s children, to another, GOD BLESS! God IS love!

  • Tom Orrock

    Very artfully and thoughtfully put. Thanks for the reset.

  • susc

    Thank you, Carlos. I needed to hear something other than anger and hate from someone in the black community. In turn, your words reflected back on me how the constant influx of all that anger and hate started it brewing inside me. You are right. On that level, in that realm, Jesus really is our only answer. He is the ONLY answer to hate and I needed to be reminded of that. Thank you, Carlos!! <3

  • Lovelyn Palm

    love this, carlos. thanks.
    i’m a romantic, too.

  • Robin Padanyi

    Living in Canada, we draw our lines too. Race, socioeconomic status, language, they all make some thick divisions. Thank you for sharing the “one thing”, Los.
    Let it be, Lord, and let it be in me.

  • concerned

    Vote up if you would have shot Trayvon
    Vote down if you’d be dead now