Dear Blue Collar Church Pastor

You are wondering if God is still with your church because attendance has not only stayed the same, but declined over the last 5 months.
God is with you.

After reading your Facebook feed filled with pastors who baptized 200 yesterday… You wonder if your 5 baptisms in 2013 are even significant.
Stop wondering. They are.

You are bummed because not only will you never be invited to speak at a conference, you can’t even afford to go to one cause they cost more than your monthly tithes…
You are worth more than you know.

Your twitter feed is filled up on how “God Is Moving” because other churches are growing in numbers.
Amway meetings grow in numbers too. God will move if you are faithful. Don’t measure His “movement” by their numbers. Let Him measure. You simply obey.

You work full-time somewhere else and can only pastor your church part time because the tithes can’t support you yet…
Guess what? You are more connected in your communities than most pastors who never leave their church buildings.

You have pastored a church for 50 years and you have 50 members left.
Revival is coming.

You are the antithesis of hip, sexy, and cool.
God doesn’t shop at Urban Outfitters. Be you.

You got this.


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  • kimbontrager

    I know lots of pastors in this situation… these are good words.

  • Scott

    This is a great word of encouragement!

  • tkelley79

    Great advice to the pastors and churches that are actually making disciples in the name of Jesus Christ! Unfortunately, too many churches, especially in my area of the South, are content with their “sweet little fellowship” and their pot luck dinners and not willing to reach the lost for Jesus. Those churches will soon die.

  • Adam Cruz

    Dude thanks for freaking writing the things so many of us think and can’t put words too. Bro I appreciate your encouragement to people.

  • Justin

    Thanks Los…needed to hear that today. Jus

  • Scott

    Thanks Los. As a bi-vocational pastor in the South, these are encouraging words. In one of the comments, it is said that many of the churches are “content with their sweet little fellowship…and will soon die.” Although this is true, these churches need young leaders who desire to lead these churches out of this rut and be used by God to change the course…to revitalize the church, instead of seeing it die. This is what, by God’s grace, I am doing, and although we haven’t seen a tremendous increase in numbers, we have see a change of attitude, desire, and focus. There are hundreds of churches in the South that need leaders to come in and love and serve the people where they are (not where you wished they were), and by God’s grace and a lot of hard work, take them where God wants them to be. This is the most difficult thing I have ever done, but there is more joy in it that I cannot describe. Thanks for the encouragement, bro!

  • Melissa Hale

    Great post. Way to be a part of building up the Body.

  • Karl Vaters

    Carlos, I work and write for those pastors on a regular basis. And I am one of them. This will encourage a lot of good people to keep going strong. Thank you so much.

  • WB

    And that’s what’s up.

  • Rhys

    Man. Thank you. Not that any of the other stuff is bad, but it’s often the most ‘celebrated’ and main measuring stick of ‘success’ as a pastor. Thanks for popping that bubble that so often needs to done.

  • jeffallen1

    Thank you for encouraging words, Los. I left a large church to serve in a small church. God called me here and I had no idea why. It has been a difficult transition, but I KNOW he has big things waiting for this little congregation. Whether it be growth numerically and spiritually, or simply spiritually. God knows what he’s doing… and he’ll do it if we obey.

  • Lucas Miller

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Christopher Dietze

    Love it, as a volunteer worship leader, I work full time and also go to school for my degree in ministry. Even though I know God has a plan sometimes I need a reminder. This is just what I needed to read today. Thanks bro and God bless!!

  • Tracy Harritan Stewart

    Thank you. Just thank you.

  • Lucas Barrientes

    Los, have you ever run into any white collar workers? Not sure if this is even a valid question. Just curious.

  • John

    Los, as a bivocational pastor, thank you for writing these words of encouragement! God bless you!
    John Carnes, church planter

  • Peter Sandoval

    Thank you bro. I had to post this to my pastors and my friends that are pastors. Carlos you are a true man of encouragement.

  • Markus

    Love this. I’m not a pastor but I’ve dealt with some of these issues in my roles in my local church, which is…well, not as in touch with the times as I would like. I’ve often felt like what I was doing wasn’t significant so thanks for the encouragement Los.

  • Aaron Sowma

    Highly important and neccesary to hear. It’s easy here in Korea, in the English ministry scene to be disapointed a little bit when you think God is doing bigger things elsewhere. But we get so caught up in what is happening outside our ministry that we start to neglect our own. This has been a huge growth point for a lot of our leaders because most are so young.

    This is a great word a great post for leaders everywhere!

  • Thanks.

  • Lisa

    Love this. Thank you

  • Ann

    YES! Thank you 🙂

  • Tony

    Awesome post. God doesn’t care about numbers. He simply calls us to be faithful and obey. It’s a shame that so many measure God’s success by human standards.

  • Mike Bayer

    “Be you” — so simple, so powerful so Luke 9:23-26.

  • houstonschic

    I have just met you, and I love you. 🙂 (Dug, from Pixar’s “Up”)

  • Scott

    So do you volunteer your time and talents at some of these blue collar churches that can’t afford to pay you? I’m thinking you do. But it looks like you usually perform at the big successful churches that are growing and baptizing and look like actual urban outfitters stores.

  • Amen!

  • Carlos Hernandez

    Thank you.

  • Los, this is on point. Though I’m in the same context it is just a reminder to be faithful and not devalue what God has called me to…