How My Homeless Friend Danny Changed My Life :: From The Other Camera Lens

Yesterday my video with Danny apparently once again made the rounds on social media.

I love it because it was quite seriously, one of the most amazing moments of my life.

I wanted to share with you guys the edited version that Dust shot on his Cannon.  You can see him in the original video scrambling around to make sure that he captured this moment.  And I thank God he did.

So much more happened that morning with Danny that the world doesn’t know.  And I can’t wait to share it with you as it closes out my upcoming book… Moment Maker.

I could have kept staring at the goal.  The lens of the camera.  But when I took my eyes off what I thought was the goal, and looked into the eyes of a human being, the goal became Jesus and not a song.

Crazy how that happens huh?

Enjoy this view of Danny…



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  • Saphia

    this was truly beautiful !!!

  • KenMan

    I’ve watched the original video many times. I’ve said many times, It’s as if you had an appointment with an Angel bro. I just now watched this one and you even mentioned the fact he ‘could’ have been an Angel. Who knows? This was a powerful moment and it floods my soul with joy every time I watch it. I’m glad it’s making the rounds again because it should! I pray God will give us all these appointments so we can impact each others’ lives in this way and even greater.

  • I saw the video making rounds again remembering when you first shared it. It was just as beautiful this time around. It is amazing that beautiful stories aren’t just timeless, but they are eternal. This is one of those beautiful stories.

    • ragamuffinsoul


  • emilycarlton

    What a moment!

    • ragamuffinsoul


  • THIS is what I love about you Carlos. You have the ability to bring so many into your work and life and let them become part of it. It’s not about you and you do an amazing job showing that. 😉

  • Angel

    This video made me cry. You never know when God is going to show up, but He never fails to do so. What is the status of Danny now? He is truly a blessing and a listen to others of what humility is.

  • Nick the Viking

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched/listened to this. I appreciate the album version but I think I’ve listened to this 10x more. Gives me chills whenever i see him walk onto frame.

    Have you seen or chatted with him since??

  • Cal Dunlap

    That’s what life is about. Taking the focus off what we think might be important at that moment and letting God show us something that he thinks is important! That happened to me yesterday!
    Thanks Carlos! Your life has been such an inspiration to my life!

  • Paige Mitts

    I never get tired of watching that video – it was how I found you and I have probably shared it 100 times and viewed it 1,000. My favorite part of the video is where the guy is talking on the phone and you give him the nasty look to shut up. I’ve worked with lots of homeless people and the one thing I’ve found out is that almost every one of them has a story, it only we would stop to listen.

    That video was how I found out about you and the best thing to me is that video is just one glimpse of who you are and how you minister. Thanks for keeping it real Carlos!

  • Beckie

    I remember first seeing this video & it still brings tears to my eyes. The video is the reason I found you on facebook. Then I saw about your adoption journey (since we are in the process of adopting too) and I’ve been here ever since. Thanks for resposting. Reminds me to make the most of every moment.

  • God’s Grace Notes

    Thank-you for sharing this, Carlos. I too, would like to know what has happened with Danny. God knows, and if He chooses; He will let us all know. Until then, I will continue to sing along in this celebration of the God of second chances!!!

  • Loran Lichty


    I remember when you posted this. Great moment. Take a moment & watch this film I created: It’s a 15 minute film about homelessness. There’s also a guide for engaging a discussion at

    Love the video with Danny.

  • Vamp til Q

    Love it. Music has the power to bring people together who would otherwise have no common ground. Then, to see God touch those moments… Truly uplifting.

  • Sandra Hall

    Please find Danny and record the song with him!

    • TeddyBear Salsa

      If this song is recorded I will buy it! Record the remix and give proceeds to Danny. Find this man!!!

      • Bud

        I would buy this as well

      • Gena L

        YES! That is exactly what I was thinking! This song was blessed! LOVE it! I will be praying for Danny.

    • Jami Updike

      Sandra-I am with you…but this man might have been an Angel~

    • andre

      totally agree!

    • Noelle Dawn Nasr-johnson

      I would definitely purchase this song with Danny singing it with you

  • Jen

    this video gives me goosebumps! so amazing.. Where was the video shot?

  • Judah Thomas

    It’s wild how we go into something with OUR plans and then God hijacks them with HIS plans! Proverbs 19:21 says “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”

  • love this… I just love this.

  • Love this song

    i hope you finished the song with him, and gave him all the royalties of the song, i would buy the song!!!

  • Chandra Stevens

    This touched my heart truly!!!…I have shared it with all Of my friends and everyone cried!….how amazing that god brought you two together on that day!…

  • papoose saw it today, and was inspired:) thank you 🙂 x

  • LJ

    this was truly amazing, It takes a simple God Given gift and to witness unknowingly you may have changed this mans life forever and I know hes changed many lives and doesnt even know it. God Bless this man !

  • Bryan J Sissel

    love this amazing monet for sure it moves me everytime i see it

  • Jonny

    This is so amazing. .

  • Ryan

    Seriously. Re-release this song with Danny.

    • ragamuffinsoul

      Seriously. Help me find him. 🙂

  • Bob Brinkman

    But what happened to him? It is wonderful to have a moment like this, but it is what comes AFTER that is truly important.

    • ragamuffinsoul

      We searched for Danny for days, weeks, months, and even to this day, youth groups will go to Atlanta to search for Danny.
      No sign.
      I believe sometimes the Lord has things for us that are for the moment alone.
      A gift.
      I won’t stop looking for Danny, ut I will treasure the gift of that moment he gave me.

      • Tracy Crosley

        I used to live in Atlanta. It has been about a year and a half, but I have seen this man, Danny, before. He hangs around Woodruff Park near the human chess board. I have heard him signing and talking to himself but, like most people, I walked by without much thought of the man. I hope you find him and he will be in my prayers.

        • Jolene K Morgan

          This literally makes me want to search for myself! If you have seen him then he IS there… People need to search harder.. This is one of those diamond in the rough moments/person. Once in a lifetime kind of opportunity. I am astounded that it was allowed to slip past without a second glance the first time. The two of them singing made me cry! I wouldn’t have left without him that day. But thats just me… I wonder if Carlos has went to the news stations? I posted a request to find this danny… “our danny” on their FB page. I dont think that people fully understand the power of the lord through music. This combination was soul shattering for many. I am sad that this is the only way to relive the experience for those of us who were so touched.

          • Tracy Crosley


            I agree that the search for Danny must continue. I do, however, think that Carlos did the right thing when he and Danny departed that day. He spent more than 30 minutes speaking to him and got a phone number to contact him. I don’t think it would have been good for the man’s self-esteem to just ask him to come away and be taken out of his situation. He even corrected Carlos by saying he wasn’t “trying” to make it. He “was” making it. Many people want to swoop in and take care of this man when he may not want to be taken care of or he wants something different for himself than the people who want to care for him.

            Giving him an honest compensation for his working on a song, album, etc. is the best course of action. Helping him find housing, clothing, food, etc. is something that, in my opinion, Danny may want to earn for himself instead of me giving it to him just because he touched my heart. That’s the hard part of charity. We all want to give and see Danny in a better place. It is getting Danny to that better place without making him feel like a charity case and ensuring his confidence and self-esteem are also in a better place.

            “The proper aim of giving is to put the recipients in a state where they no longer need our gifts.”– C.S. Lewis

  • Leah

    That gave me chills. Such a raw God moment. One God Jah. One Creator. United. Yes.

  • Amanda Best

    Please PLEASE tell me I can download this version of you and Danny because it is beyond amazing and has touched me like nothing else has in a long time <3


      I downloaded it this morning from Mp3 rocket. It is the actual video that you watched…but way worth the download.

  • Elizabeth

    That was absolutely amazing I have watched it several times. Danny is an inspiration may God bless him and keep him safe.

    • AnodaJahSoljah

      Why are so many people move by the fame and profit motive, but fail to consider Danny’s conviction that he is making it right where Jah has appointed him, and soldiers like him, to live and support one another? Danny could well be ministering to some of his “homeless” soldier family with this beautiful gift Jah has given him. Why should we attempt to extract him from his “valley” to make money and live the lie of this materialistic life? How many of Jah’s blessed soldiers have corrupted themselves using the same rationale advocated in many of these feeds? If we really want to find Danny, why don’t we try living–not camping out for a short while–where Danny live? It just maybe that Jah is hiding this soldier because our motives for finding him may be corrupt by our own self-centered desires.


      CAVEAT: We may believe Danny is homeless, but he certainly does not think so!

  • Tony Dorland

    Hi there! I just seen the video with Danny! Amazing how God works! I would like to get a copy of the song with Danny! How can we get one? Did you invite him to record one with you! This would be an AMAZING GOD’S Gift to him, and bring amazing praise, and glory to God our Creator!

  • SS

    I agree go find Danny use both of your gifts make a song together.

  • Ed

    Loved it. Have you ever seen him again?

  • Erin

    I want to download this!!!

  • Peggy Lathlin

    So beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Eli Erickson

    Please Please record the song with Danny in the studio!

  • Martimus

    I’m so busy with my life, working all the time. Never taking time or slowing down. Till I saw this video with Danny truly amazing and so inspirational. I really dig the song the lyric’s the vibe. This made my day. I would part with my hard earned money to buy the CD with You and Danny doing that song!

  • Chippewa

    This is beautiful. Its been years, but you need to try and find Danny. He gave you a wonderful gift – you can’t just let him go with the demeaning phase of “keep trying to make it.” I can’t judge your circumstances, but if you had kept in touch – really tried to help him – and recorded this song together, you would be infinitely more well known.

    • Ken Krausman

      “So much more happened that morning with Danny that the world doesn’t know. And I can’t wait to share it with you as it closes out my upcoming book… Moment Maker.”

      • Niels VE

        Amen Ken Krausman, I was about to post the exact same thing.

    • ragamuffinsoul

      Who cares if I’m well known. That’s not why I sang with Danny. LOL. We tried to find Danny for years. To no avail. So Danny has helped me pour into dozens of new homeless friends since I never found him. He is a treasure not a marketing gimmick.

      • justin

        Not religious at all. But you have your head on straight young buck.
        –1 Jah 1 Creator Yessssa 1 Father–
        Like i said I’m not religious at all but i am jamacian and im trying to get in contact with people daily seeing if we can compress that voice and make something with it.
        One love —South Florida

  • Mario

    Find Danny, record in studio, sell the song and use the money raised to help homeless people 😉

  • Bahamut

    Start a find danny campaign in atlanta. Be that friend. Id buy 100 copies of this song if he had a credit on it.

  • Bahamut

    You could have given him that second chance.

  • Maggie Williams

    This is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Where is Danny?!!?! He needs someone to extend a record deal– IMMEDIATELY!!! I agree wholeheartedly with Chippewa’s comments—Find this man— make this happen! Peace & Love, Beauty & Brains <3

  • Tim Wieting

    This man has a gift. You should find him and record that song with him and if you make any money off it help out him and other homeless people with it man.

    • ragamuffinsoul

      You wanna help me find him? Cause we have looked for years. 🙂


    WHEN GOD CALLS YOU HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian

    If this song w Danny was on iTunes I would def download it

  • Dena Dyce

    Amazing!! Danny needs to be given the chance to get HIS voice out there!

  • karl

    Danny has so much spirit and it shows in his voice i think you should defo get danny in the studio and create a track it will make you viral and plus i think it was fate in away you should definitly help each other send the messege in a album or solo track

  • Lori Lear

    Truly a blessed moment and I’m so thankful we were able to be a part of it afterwards. Thank you! †

  • RedSnapper149

    I was so touched by this encounter with Danny. I shared it with all my friends as well as downloaded it. I can’t begin to tell you that this is just another re-affirmation that Jehovah brings us together for HIS purpose. Even when we come from different lives, we exist for one purpose… To Praise Him… Thank you so much and may GOD continue to touch Danny and protect him as he goes through his life journey.

  • Nikki Benson

    I saw nothing but the love of Christ in this video! This was beautiful!

  • Kari Wolf Corona

    This was a God thing – maybe hard to understand unless you have experienced it yourself – these things happen when we think we are following God’s calling or “goal” as Carlos says…and God orchestrates something bigger! It is a way that God keeps His children humble – Praise God for His ways are always more spectacular than anything we can imagine!!

  • May

    I would definitely buy if recorded with Danny!

  • Laurie Geiser

    I found your moment with Danny via FB. I wholeheartedly agree with recording this song with Danny and giving the proceeds to him. I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  • Ryan

    Hey, can’t seem to reply to your comment, but just wanted to say that Hebrews 13:2 comes to mind.

  • TekiA Tolson

    I agree FIND DANNY this definetly needs to be the remix…One God one creator

  • PatrickHenry1789

    I just saw it for the first time. I’m speechless and that’s a rarity according to my wife. You may not be able to find him again, but I’ll bet that he’ll find you if the need should arise!

  • Monta Caley

    My heart is so full! I think God send Angels all the time and we don’t know it. I think Danny was one of them. What a Blessing!!!

  • NotAbelieverPerSay

    seems all a little coincidental. new book coming out, video re-surfaces on everyones FB newsfeed, blog posts are up to date concerning it all and of course Danny is no where to be found…. Hey 1 out of 1000 who is skeptical isn’t bad.

  • Cecelia

    Why does everyone want him to find Danny and use him to sell more music? Why would they need to record it again? What happened there was beautiful and can’t be recreated. They did record the song together, it’s right there in front of you.
    Amazing Carlos! Kudos to you for seeing the person and being open to this incredible experience!

  • André Mógor

    It was a unique and singular moment blessed by God! Wonderful.
    Hugs from Brazil and God bless you so much!

  • DeeR in FL

    I just watched the YouTube video for the first time and searched until I found this page with your statement “I could have kept staring at the goal. The lens of the camera. But
    when I took my eyes off what I thought was the goal, and looked into the
    eyes of a human being, the goal became Jesus and not a song.”

    I was so impressed when I read that comment because I had noticed a distinct change during the song when you physically shifted on the chair to face Danny.

    I do believe there is a higher power in charge. I just don’t adhere to any particular faith. Your chance meeting with Daniel proves to me that there are angels that are here on earth to help us better understand where we need to be in our lives.

    Thank you so much for posting this for the world to see.

  • VeeBee

    Danny shared some incredible wisdom with you. Did it soak in? It did for me. Hallelujah is the highest praise. I’m making it. He is fully blessed, fully capable of ministering even in what you might judge as a more “lowly” state than your own. His words and his voice rang with a purity and clarity that cannot be replicated or marketed.

  • Jolene K Morgan


  • Jolene K Morgan

    This literally makes me want to search for myself! If Tracy Crosley has seen him
    then he IS there… People need to search harder.. This is one of those
    diamond in the rough moments/person. Once in a lifetime kind of
    opportunity. I am astounded that it was allowed to slip past without a
    second glance the first time. The two of them singing made me cry! I
    wouldn’t have left without him that day. But thats just me… I wonder
    if Carlos has went to the news stations? I posted a request to find
    this danny… “our danny” on their FB page. I dont think that people
    fully understand the power of the lord through music. This combination
    was soul shattering for many. I am sad that this is the only way to
    relive the experience for those of us who were so touched.

  • coolguy

    someone find him

  • Andrew Gregory Crane

    Y’all have the money to find this man. Ask the local PD for help ask every church for help get the word out.

  • DBuscher

    If you put out a version of the original recording, I would buy it for sure. Hoping that the proceeds of the sales would go to helping homeless people in the city Danny lives in. That, I think would be the best way to support him. By supporting his community. Of course, if you could find him, to check on him, and let him know just how much he has touched other people, that would be amazing. But please, do not let people exploit him, overwhelm him, or disrupt the life he choses to lead…


  • Anthony Schultz

    it would be nice if you could do a recording with Danny. I just seen this on Facebook today and really like that “Jamaican” vibe. To have a studio copy of that, I would buy in an instant.

  • weareloveschool

    What a beautiful and powerful moment! Thank you for sharing this with us all, Carlos. I pray you find Danny again soon. I loved this video so much that I posted it on my new site,

  • wmalinjr

    Carlos, this story and video are extremely touching to me. I have watched it many times in the last couple days. As well, has my 10 year old daughter and my wife. Everyone of us has cried watching it. I still get goosebumps and teary eyed when I watch it. I have shared this video with friends and family and on facebook. I repost it daily in hopes that it will get out there and something comes of it as far as finding Danny for you.But if me posting this video daily touches someone’s life as it has done mine then Danny “The Angel” is accomplishing what he had set out to do. I would truley love to meet you as it would be an honor to hear more of your awesome stories and to just listen to you sing and praise God. You’re an awesome spiritual man with such a huge heart. This is truely amazing. Love you Brother

  • Cara

    Wow! So beautiful! This video brought me to tears and served as a reminder that we do not need lavish things to be happy in this world. As Danny said, he is making it. That shows me that he is secure with where he is in life and enjoys it to its fullest. I am so thankful that he shared his gift with you that day and that you were able to capture it and share it with all of us! What an amazing and awe-inspiring moment that must have been for all who witnessed it. Thank you.

  • Janina

    I really hope you can find Danny. I would love to buy this song. It is absolute amazing!!!

  • Anthony Greco

    in my opinion the song is better the way it happened … off the cuff… if it was recorded it would take away from the beauty of the moment that God made happen it is perfect the exact way it happened!

  • Kevin Bailey

    Loved it! One of my cousins posted the other video on her FB page and I had to know who this was, I wanted you to know that this was awesome. Thank you for being in the same space as Danny I can honestly say that these two videos were great. I first thought it was staged. I am happily incorrect. I’m glad your camera and sound guys were on their “A” game. Thank you.

  • Kathy Foreman

    Sometimes, we are given one moment in time for our learning experience to see what we will do with that moment. Some people would have walked away from Danny that day..You did not. It shows where your heart is; how you have grown.That brother, is Love. I wrote a poem years ago about a moment in time. A precious moment you can carry with you always. So important that we listen to God. Whether you find him or not ; you sang with God that day. So very awesome! God bless your ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • gene

    i will never forget this.. God bless you all. Heavenly Father!! have mercy. so many tears.. thank you. There isnt enough money in the world that can do what you two have done. you guys have brought me back, thank you again….

  • Buckeyefan

    There are once-in-a-lifetime moments where we come close to the Holy Spirit. I truly feel that Danny was there for a divine purpose. Every single time I watch the video, I have tears streaming down my face – which happens every time I am truly moved by God. I would love to have a higher level recording and would certainly be willing to chip into crowd funding if/when Danny is found to try and re-record it for better distribution.

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  • mike p

    this was the first time I have seen the video and it really moved me… It touched my heart and my soul. one question I have is does anyone know the name of the song Danny was singing? I would like to add it to my music collection. Also I have a thought.. Has anyone considered the possibility that the reason Danny has only been seen in person by a few people and after 4 years still can’t be found is because he was a true Angel sent from Heaven to put the right perspective back into our lives… It seems a sound idea to me…

  • Qiqa Que Putuzo

    what ever happen to Danny, is he still homeless

  • Gige Snyder

    Thank you for the video of you with Danny, it is a blessing to be reminded that when we take our eyes off our agenda and notice what is around us God has amazing God encounters ready for each one of us.

  • Momma Lesa

    Thank you so much for posting this. It has changed me in many ways. Maybe you aren’t meant to find Danny, some things are better left as they are. God will guide him back to you if are meant to cross paths again. You have truly changed your own life as well as thousands of others witnessing Christ’s unconditional love through your compilation with Danny. God bless you.

  • Julia Rey

    Danny seems to be a musician in his own right! He is so good that this whole performance could have been staged. He definitely steals it!

    He also appears to be one with Divine. After all, Jesus was a homeless beggar. Didn’t have a house, a blog, record deal or book deal…

  • TeeTeeUK

    I’ve visited your site having seen the video of Danny on Facebook. I’m left wanting to know more about how God has moved in Danny’s life to date? Please let us know how the rest of that day panned out. Did you manage to support Danny off of the street that day?

  • sheholy

    yes God! Bless the both of you and i wish you well on your search to find that ” Angel” I have watched many times since the day before yesterday when i first discovered the video and i have prayed and cried for the atmosphere that was created that day and for you and him as well. Be Blessed! 🙂

  • project anonymous

    We are project anonymous and have joined together to help the homeless this winter by handing out clothes, food and toiletries. We found your video on YouTube and share it constantly on fb. It is so moving and a great motivation for our project. Thank you

  • Heather Elise Liner

    If the one woman is correct, Danny can be found. Here is what many do not see. Not all, but many homeless people are suffering from mental illness. They don’t want to be saved or to live a life that involves government or rules. Danny may have been just a ploy to promote this song, it may not. I am not the judge. However, in all honesty, if this man is homeless, and has been seen wandering the streets talking to himself, there is a good chance that he suffers from a common mental illness, such as schizophrenia. If so, he has stated his love of The Lord, and in that right is already saved. I feel that Carlos and his crew, wether implied or stated elsewhere, probably gave this man a fair price for being in this video. If this man is found, chances are he doesn’t want the life you are all projecting onto him. He is talented, but he needs to first help himself. I feel the best thing that can be done is to try to figure out who they are (each homeless persone), what they are dealing with mentally, and then see if you can encourage them to get the right help. Many times, they reject the long term help that could heal them, because they whole heartedly believe they are on the best path. Every so often though, you will be surprised and find a rare jewel. Someone who wants the help to be led to fixing. Maybe Danny is more of that person.

    I cannot help Danny, but I can help the homeless here in Dallas, TX. So let me do that. Carlos, good job for seeing Danny and allowing him to sing with his soul.

  • Susan

    God moves in so many ways. I love it when it gets filmed and we all get a glimpse into how beautiful He is. God truly is the God of Second Chances.

  • Sky Summers

    To me this video was a truly inspiring look at humbleness and a show of humility from one who has no material possessions, but has everything. I don’t consider myself a practicing Christian, as this video touched something inside of me and made me think….Jesus was a homeless man himself. He had no material things but he also had everything. I wonder if Jesus walked down our streets today if anyone would even recognize who he is. I wonder, are we being judged by the way WE ALL ignore homelessness? Maybe just maybe Jesus is a homeless man that we all pretend not to see while we climb the stairs of our respected Church to show that we are good Christians?

  • chris mackenzie

    how is danny that was a beatiful song and a godly moment just watching that video changed my out look towards people i thank you and danny 1 love to you both

  • Oliver Gierke Olmos

    Put Danny to play with you formally, and that should be a great testimont of God’s love shared with us all 😀 !!

  • Steve Michael

    Carlos, I give you a lot of credit to you and your team. I have personally been homeless 5 times in my life. The experience that both you and Danny shared is something to cherish for the rest of your life. It is truly amazing how a random stranger can walk up to you like he did and for everyone around to be able to experience such a blessing of both you and him singing a song through God’s will to touch so many hearts. The All Mighty works in such amazing ways that it is hard for us to understand.

    You and your staff respected a man’s wishes and his own will through the work of God to live the life that God has planned for him. That alone is something that so many people just do not understand. We are always trying to help others, but the thing is; in what ways is the help that we are giving are actually God’s will or the will of our own? For the level of respect that you and your team showed to Danny I have to say “Thank-you”.

  • Lillian

    I wonder did he get any help other than a thank you he was just wonderful .I hope he got some help and recognition from this….

  • Edward Chavez

    thank you for this . YAH love comes to us in many way , when we need him.

  • Ter

    Amazingly Beautiful moment, thanks for sharing it with us!!! 🙂 *tear* amazing.

  • Moneera Ogbomon

    I hope he kept in touch with this man since in made the song so much more powerful!

  • Michael Meadows

    I watched with chills all over. I agree with you Ragamuffinsoul- connect with others. If God deems it, you will find Danny again. You have been shown the power of what it means to sing praise to the all mighty… and share it with others- you were carrying out His work and inspiring faith in others while doing so. I pray you carry on doing so, and if you find Danny, God willing, you will be able to record another song and help renew the faith of more followers! -God Bless, be safe

  • cristher .

    i hold on dannu lett himm get i nice musik album .my gud hi is a naturbeguvning .vi måst help piple like him .i hopes.?.

  • Ree Ree

    I cried and cried when I hear you and Danny sing. My 1st thought was God who is this man. Then Hebrews 13:1-3

    ◄ Hebrews 13 ► New International Version
    1 Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. 2 Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

  • JASE.74

    its a mad/sad feeling when you know someone that has a gift of talent and they waste their lives on dope.

  • LT

    Please please record this song w/him. I would buy it. This is proof that even those that we may perceive as lost, are even more found than us! lol I tell my girls all the time to have compassion and love. That is ALL that GOD/CHRIST was. We should all learn the lesson in life to NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! You could tell this man had a gentle soul. GOD BLESS HIM!

  • Leslie

    I volunteer at a homeless shelter and meet some of the most amazing people. I hear people talk as if homelessness is their fault ect. Most of these people have suffered more than we could ever know. They are beautiful souls, looking for unconditional love and acceptance. Just like every person does. I wish more people could just take the time to listen and just love them where they are without expectations. Give without expectation and you will receive much more than you could ever imagine in return. Give from the heart.

  • Keryl

    Halleluiah is the highest praise

  • Inga Graham

    That song moved me and if we never hear Danny’s voice again that’s because we are not being quite, still and listening. Beautiful

  • Savage87

    I come back to this all the time. And I always think about it. What you should do is release just the audio from the singing part without any talking. Maybe clean up the audio a little bit. Release it for free, with a chance to donate and all proceeds go to help the homeless. This was a God-ordained opportunity. I believe you when you say you went back and tried to find Danny. I’m not going to say go out and try to find him and record it with him. You already recorded the song with him. This was a raw, in your face, and from the heart, moment. This guy was an angel and you entertained him. I would just love to have just the audio of you two singing from this recording.