Jesus and the Inaccessible Church Pastor

I was reading Luke 7:36-50 this morning.
In summary, one of the local Pharisees invited Jesus over for dinner.
Jesus reclined at the table. (Le’t just say how much I can appreciate Jesus’ eating style. I recline like a bad boy myself. See mom! I don’t have to sit up. Jesus didn’t!!!)
A random woman in town found out Jesus was hangin at Pharisee Joe’s house.
The bible says specifically “She was a sinner”
She somehow makes her way INTO the house.
She pulls out some expensive oil and starts rubbing it on Jesus’ feet.
Not Bed Bath and Beyond stuff people.
This was some Rodeo Drive swag.
She is weeping, rubbing oil on Christ’s feet, kissing Christ’s feet, and wiping his feet with her hair.
The Pharisee says to HIMSELF (like mumbles under his breath, not outloud…)…”Seriously. This guy is clueless. He’s no prophet. This is straight up the last 6 months Miley Cyrus touching Him” (Loose paraphrase.)
Jesus then, cause He’s got super hearing, calls Pharisee out.

And this isn’t the Calros paraphrase…
“Do you see this woman? I entered your house; you gave Me no water for My feet, but she, with her tears, has washed My feet and wiped them with her hair. 45 You gave Me no kiss, but she hasn’t stopped kissing My feet since I came in. 46 You didn’t anoint My head with oil, but she has anointed My feet with fragrant oil. 47 Therefore I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven; that’s why she loved much. But the one who is forgiven little, loves little.”

A few things here people.
1. Why is every pastor in America not this accessible? There is something broken in our way of ministry.
2. Whatever your excuse is for my point number 1, put yourself in the woman’s shoes… now give your excuse again.
3. This woman represents me. I get her.
4. If you EVER find yourself saying anything about anyone in your church that even remotely resembles what the Pharisees were saying, which I find myself saying a lot, cause I’m human and not Jesus and stuff, PLEASE come back to this scripture.
It will straighten you out.

My megachurch pastor Pete drives a golf cart around the parking lot picking people up from their cars.  Yes he has a dude making sure he doesn’t get capped, but he’s VERY accessible.  And I love it.

So today…
Recline a little when you eat…
And make sure you place yourself in a situation where you are more accessible than you were yesterday.
It’s better that way.


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  • Erin Brady


  • Everyday Servant

    Great Post! You really make the scripture come to life. And “Megachurch Pastor Pete” in his golf cart is an image that’s hard to forget.

    Don’t you think it’s ironic that God is so accessible…that He went to Calvary to break down the barriers between us and him and yet we spend so much energy trying to build barriers between ourselves and others?

    The intimacy and accessibility of God in our daily lives is overwhelming when you stop to think about it.

    It’s that daily immediate access to God that I write about on

    Thanks for your post!

  • Jason

    It’s even harder when your pastor is not accessible and you are on the church’s staff…

  • Matt Orth

    I think we should stop calling leaders pastors who are not actually pastors. They’re leaders, CEOs, dynamic communicators, or maybe even apostles. But they’re not pastors if they’re not around their people in a non-rockstar way.

  • pRobb

    Love this!! Want an incredible reminder to make sure as a minister I am where those who are looking to me to guide can get close enough to me to really do life with me. Appreciate this!!

  • Andrew Kim

    So Carlos, what time can I come over? 😀

  • Mmmmm… good stuff. I have made a point this year to notice people. Whether it’s a neighbor or a clerk at the grocery store. To actually see them as children of God, sinners like me, here on purpose. It has completely changed my life and I hope that it’s changing others as well.

    I can speak from very recent experience that it is no bueno to be an inaccessible pastor. We left our church for that reason {among others}. It leads down a very slippery slope of self entitlement and is hurtful to the people you are pastoring. Basically a lose lose situation.

    Thanks for the great reminder!

  • HipsterWorshipLeader

    My Lead Pastor and I have tunnels from the stage to our offices. #ISTHATBAD??

  • Elijah

    Great post and one of my absolute favorite touchable Jesus moments! I was once a member of a church that “specialized” in the leadership being inaccessible. They called it “The Doctrine of Familiarity” and basically stated that in order to maintain proper respect and order, “the leaders” can not let “the people” get too close! “If they get too close to you, they will lose respect for you…” Uh…no… if they get close to you then they will see you for who you really are… The whole time I was there I didn’t know where the pastors lived or have their phone number. I was one of the main worship leaders AND I did graphic/artistic work for their personal business outside of the church but had absolutely no access to them besides office hours (and barely then). Needless to say … things did not end well…

  • Rob Reed

    I wish I was as generous as this woman… that’s where I personally need to aspire to be… thanks for the post.

  • alanwages

    I’d have a better chance of meeting Bono than my pastor

  • I always side with the person in danger of burning out. If someone’s a “pastor” and won’t take meetings with anyone but his inner circle, well yeah, that sounds entitled.

    But the bible never says Jesus took a meeting with every single person that wanted it. He took the meeting with the person who needed it.

    Maybe the accessibility of the pastor is the wrong subject. Maybe it’s the “Jesusification” of the pastor by the people in the church. Not everyone who wants to meet the pastor needs to meet the pastor, in person.

  • anonymous

    I can’t even get my lifegroup “pastor” or “community leader” to send me an email. I’ve been leading a small group in my church for almost a decade and have never had a personal conversation with anyone on staff. You would be blown away if I even said what church it is.