This Dad’s Thoughts On Drunk Driving Biebs

Justin Bieber is in jail.
He’s smiling in his mugshot.
For you. And me. And because he knows it’s about to go around the globe for the world to see.
I can promise you he’s not thinking he can buy his way out (which he will) and continue on with the party in Miami (which he probably will as well).
Right now he is wondering who his real friends are, and does God even give a shit about him.
I say shit because I’m pretty sure he isn’t thinking the word crap. 🙂
I don’t wanna come across all holier than thou or weird, but with my girls the age that they are…I’ve watched this kid grow up.
I’ve gone to his concerts.
I’ve watched his movies.
I’ve hung out with his mom.
My kids know Bieber as Before Bad Decision Bieber and After Bad Decision Bieber.

My heart literally aches for him.
So as he will most certainly be the butt of every late night show’s jokes tonight…
And he will probably make excuses and flip off the cameras…
May we instead use this time, as he is sitting in a cell all alone, with no cell phone, no one to disturb him, and ask God to speak to him in the silence.

It’s better that way…


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  • Ann Gilchrist


  • Word.

  • Yes. Agreed. Thank you.

  • whimzie

    It’s crazy. When my daughter and I saw “Never Say Never” a few years ago and I saw that video of him singing praise songs in the street, I felt the strongest tug on my heart to pray for this kid and the people who would have an influence over his life. I haven’t prayed for him as faithfully as I said I would. I confess that in the last year or so, the mom in me has wanted to jerk a knot in his tail more than I’ve wanted to pray for him. He’s given Anna and me more than ample opportunity to talk about how “bad company corrupts good morals” and how important it is to listen to the wise people in your life who want to help mentor you along and help you make good choices. And how he’s not making very good choices right now. But I haven’t spent much time praying for him. Sometimes it felt silly. I mean can the fervent prayers of a suburban mom really avail that much? I loved reading your thoughts today. He’s smiling, but behind those glassy eyes, I know there’s a kid. A kid who got his start singing praise songs in the street. This mama’s heart is sad for him today. I’m joining with you today to pray he hears God in the silence.

  • Beth Bates

    I so love what you said here. While I’m a little annoyed by the Instagram ready mug shot, my heart aches for a child who just needs to know Jesus more. As a mom, my heart hurts for him because he’s surrounded by an “entourage” that want so much from him, but likely gives little in return. My heart hurts for his mom (from all I’ve seen she seems to be the opposite of the Hollywood norm) who must be wondering what she could have done differently. It’s what we moms do. I love your prayer…that God reach him in the silence. Right now, there’s no paparazzi, no social media, no entourage. Just him. Probably for the first time in a long time. I pray he hears God speak in the silence.

  • artistriff

    its easy to be disgusted or to judge, especially when we see a kid who has everything that we think we want and we think we would do better with- “man, if i had all that cash, i would…” i work with teenage kids who act out and i often find myself saying, “if i were them, i would do the exact same thing.” because the truth is, if my parents gave me all the freedom in the world and i was fifteen, we’d have a problem. even a 19 year old doesn’t have a fully developed brain. and this one is surrounded by adults all of the time. who is to say that even with a strong christian background that someone wouldn’t fall into this situation? its so easy to judge. judging others makes it so easy to overlook our own sins. and we love to villianize our stars- those who we have bought into for years and years. to me, he looks scared. i see similarities in the richard sherman situation- we live in a society that rewards hard fighting football and hard core fans and when a guy cant turn it off within minutes of a game we become upset and judge, again. we are all a part of this culture. prayer, relationships, love, communication, looking within, being in our communities- these are a way to start. but bashing and judging are never the christian answer.

  • Michelle

    You are awesome! I pray that for him and all of us. I’ve been there.

  • Wanda

    Clearly, he needs prayer. Only Christ can change his path.

  • Thank you for personalizing this. It’s easy to get smug and laugh at his predicament, but this KID needs Jesus

  • Justin

    YOU LET YOUR GIRLS LISTEN TO THAT????? oh wait yeah what you said

  • Theguywithsomethingtosay

    Honestly, If An Artist says they believe in God and they love him and thank him for all he’s done, to think they’d be repaying him the glory and praise by making music that glorifies him… I don’t get it! Are they ashamed of God? Are they afraid they won’t make enough money if they dedicate their music to God alone? God will provide. He wants nothing but good for us & I’m pretty sure if the artist has an amazing voice or amazing instrument and dance abilities, God will shine them even brighter… I bet you if bieber was a christian artist, he would still be pretty huge and be an amazing artist! There would be very little if not any hate towards him because he wouldn’t be flaunting anything but his God. It would be amazing, it really would…

  • Sunnyday

    Not sure why he is smiling… For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36

  • Done. Well said.

  • Jonn McDaniel

    Gifting heaping amounts of grace and telling about the grace of God should always be our first response.

  • Erin

    As someone who has also fell prey to bad influences myself, I can tell you that’s EXACTLY what he is thinking, Carlos. Way to hit the nail on the head. Lets pray for this little dude, not ridicule him. I can’t imagine the scrutiny of making your life mistakes in the lights of the paparazzi and in front of the entire world, with every imaginable temptation at your fingertips. Hopefully he rebounds with a renewed mind and new friends.

  • Christianchick73

    Before I even read this I was hoping you were going to say something like he needs pray. Thank you. I will be praying for him and my heart goes out to him to. He is young and fame can really test these kids. They are just kids and those jokes really irritate me as a mom and a Christian.

  • Good advice. God help him. My heart breaks for him and his family and all the kids that have looked up to him. Sad indeed.

  • Jay Sanchez

    Excellent post. Speak to him Lord, confront and, comfort him. Amen

  • dan waits

    wish he had a daddy to love on him & kick his butt

  • paul

    Other countries do this all the time with US citizens. We can’t send Miley home or even get her attention, but we can get Justin’s attention!

  • Kate Kirby

    I thought he used proactive.

  • Karen Alise Erickson

    He’s just a kid. Like a lot of kids he apparently needs to have a taste O’s good…. I mean bad life in order to really feel and know what his faith is and what it’s all about. As people on the outside we can easily judge BUT I raised 4 kids. They experimented with stuff, some of them more than others and one of them is a full blown addict sitting in jail right now. Not because he’s do e anything but use drugs. I’m praying for this young man’s mother and father. There is only one heart ache I can think of that is worse than watching your child spin out if control and not being able to do anything about. Trust me I’ve done EVERYTHING! Even now I could get involved if I wanted to in order to to fix him and it but after 15 years I’ve learned to surrender. Yep I’m praying for his parents.

  • Rodge

    God can change him, but those songs just can’t be undone.

  • Nick

    I remember when around 13,000 of us prayed for him and for his mom, together as a group, at Catalyst. We all know Satan wants to destroy him, hopefully we’re all still praying and it wasn’t just a “show” for the event.

  • Markus

    I’m with you. People ridicule him as if he grew up in a vacuum and just appeared as weird outsider on our radar. Anything he’s become is mostly our (the guys who consume whatever he does) fault. I think we’re so engrossed in a movie and reality show culture that we forget that these are real people whose mistakes and struggles are brought to us like entertainment.

    I really hope and pray that something good comes out of this. Not a good news story or water cooler talk, but something that Justin will experience away from all the hype in a place where he’s just Justin, the kid that God loves.

  • Esther O’Reilly

    The repeated visits to the brothels are what get me, even more than the drunk driving. Someone needs to explain to this kid that he isn’t entitled to everything money can buy.

  • Rachel-Yvonne McIntosh

    SO GOOD!

  • Charles Huggins

    Check out my blog about a similar pop star when he meets Job and discovers what it is really like to face real adversity from biblical times.