Pope The Puppy Surprise!!!

So basically we lied. A lot. And it worked.
The kids thought we had caught a raccoon.
Turned out it was their new puppy!!!!
Meet Pope!


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  • not showing this to my kids 🙂 but well done!

  • Shut the front door. This is amazing.

  • Ana Vega

    What a great way to surprise them!!! Congrats on the new family member. 🙂

  • Kimberlee Brown Andrews

    That is awesome!

  • Diana

    Pure awesome! Gonna have to remember this idea. 🙂

  • Nat

    Loved it!!!

  • jeffallen1

    Did you buy a dog just so you could make cooler GoPro videos? 😉

  • Brian Adams

    So awesome!!! And you got him from Bewport News… That’s my hometown. Great video! Happy New Year Whit Fam!!!

  • muziqfreak1

    Too much cute for me to handle..

  • Caroline McCain


  • KatC

    that is sooooooooo awesome!!

  • kimmysun

    oh my word. sohaila’s, sweet heart. i miss her!

  • Liz

    Not really a nice thing for the poor puppy. Brought into a strange house with strange people and then left under a box only to be surrounded by strange people when he’s let out? Not to mention the first thing he did was fly in a plane, which probably freaked him out all the more. Poor thing looked terrified.

    Love you and your fam, dude, but as an animal lover/advocate, this it just devastating to me. It was very much about making a spectacle and no thoughts were given to the emotions of the puppy. Not a fan.

    • Los

      The dog is happy and loves our family! He was in there 30 seconds. Thanks for caring.

      • patriciamc

        He looks happy! I think the whole thing was a really cute idea.

      • I’m doing a slow clap as I admire your ability to respond this way.

      • Brian Hale

        Yeah. We did a similar surprise w our kids. The puppy never got over it. We eventually had to put him down.

  • Stacy LJ

    way too fun!

  • matthewdevries

    You guys ROCK! Memories made forever for your little ones. Wanna adopt me? (I’m a dad of 7…)

  • Brian Hale

    So Amazing! I bet the kids haven’t let that thing out of their sight since then. Cooler parents than us! But, i too am very worried about the “emotions of the puppy”, just like the emotions of the cow I ate last night and the emotions of the chicken i’m gonna eat for lunch. so sad for them… #animals

  • Matthew

    Moment Maker, indeed!

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