America The Beautiful Coca Cola Commercial Controversy… The Last Word

Bravo Brenda…


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  • Michael J

    Homegirl just PREACHED! Wow. Thanks for sharing this, Los.

  • Dave Maxim Kim

    man… you are EVERYTHING that is right about Christianity and why I am slowly making my way back to God. I finally stopped paying attention to the hating, the judging, and the shunning and just accepted God into my heart as the one who loves, accepts, and holds EVERYTHING about us in his hands. Thank you so much, Carlos!

  • When I saw the ad, the first thing I thought was that Coke hadn’t just portrayed a beautiful representation of America, they portrayed a beautiful representation of the Kingdom of God as well. A kingdom where all are welcome, which is why God’s grace is so amazing. This also brings up the next question: What language will we all speak in heaven? 🙂

  • Justin Davis

    yeah it’s crazy how big it got (free publicity for coke? 🙂 ). i understand because it kinda threw me into a little bit of awkwardness when i heard it too cause it just isn’t how you hear it growing up but all it took was a second to think about what was happening and it all made perfect sense. truthful i bet a lot of hype (like most other times) is due to trolling but there are people out there that have trouble getting past the awkward feelings too.

  • R

    Personally, I LOVED this add, and thought it might have been the best one the whole time. The Kingdom of Heaven isn’t all white, middle class Americans, after all. As a second generation immigrants daughter, Coke was right on. The Kingdom of Heaven? It’s everyone.

    • Justin Davis

      I Don’t think it had to be a racist problem. for instance, maybe it’s just cause I’m in S. cal but through HS i loved spanish cause i was always a bad speller and finally this language actually made logical sense. but then after several years of retail spanish has lost it’s appeal and slowly I’m getting out of having a bad taste for it. you can only take so many bad attitudes about you not speaking spanish before it starts getting to you. coarse that’s the same reason why most other countries hate americans too so **shrug**.

  • Markus

    “..the English language is from ENLAND…” Brilliant!

  • patriciamc