Dear Colbie Caillat. A Letter From A Father Of 2 Tween Girls.

Dear Colbie Caillat.

It’s hard raising kids.

Anyone who says it isn’t, is lying.
But it is also the greatest thing in the world.
You have no idea how much I freaking love it.
And the older mine get, the more fun it has become.
My girls love Jesus and family.

But they also love boys and Demi Levato. #LetItGo!!!!!

And we pray someone they look up to will let them know that their life is worth more than their boobs and image.
So when you released your single “TRY”, I literally teared up.
They have so much pressure to fit in.
Yes, their Jesus loving Christian music influences say this stuff all the time.
But my kids don’t listen to a lot of Christian music.

So for an artist they both admire to bring this message to the masses, it makes this dad of tween girls growing up in a world of tween makeup selfies and mothers of tweens make up selfies so thankful.
So thank you Colbie.
From the depths of my heart.