Why the biggest issue facing the church IS NOT addressing homosexuality. And it never will be…

I hear it all the time…

“The biggest issue the church is facing is addressing the issue of homosexuality.”

Excuse me if I rant for a moment…

How is this the biggest issue the church is facing?

Cause there are sitcoms with gay characters?

Cause there are more “out” people in your congregations?

Ring Ring Ring…  Clue Phone…

Y’all have just as many gay deacons in your church as Billy Graham had at First Baptist Church in Western Springs, Illinois.

They were there.  They are there. They will be there.

When I look at the biggest issue the church is facing I don’t see addressing the issue of homosexuality as the biggest issue.  I don’t even see it as a top 10 issue.

For every time the church creates an “issue”… we take our focus off of Jesus.

And when our focus is off of Jesus we trip, fall, and sink.

My kids need to know one thing.

That Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.  They need to know that He will be there for them in times of deep need.  They need to know that if they love their enemy as they love themselves… they will be more like Jesus.  They need to know how deep the love of Christ is.  They need to know that the God who makes the earth spin and float… He actually cares about every single moment they walk this earth.

Showing people the face of Jesus.

This my friends is the biggest issue the church is facing and will always face.

Take your eyes off of the gospel…replace it with an issue… and people stop seeing Jesus and start seeing agendas.

Preach the gospel and whatever your concern about issue A…B…C…or D… they will pale in comparison to the explosion of life that will invade your local congregation…

I wrote this on my iPhone so forgive my mizspellingzzz.

Love you all.

It’s better that way…



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  • I love you bro…And agree completely. But, don’t let the biggest issue for Carlos become the Modern Churches inability to to do it right. It takes our eyes off Jesus & makes us professional Critics. I’m just as guilty of this & wish I could focus on leading the lost brothers to Christ and not let our stupidity and fixing it become my mission. Makes you bitter quick. Religious folks will always hurt others. Sometimes we become religious Church Fixers. Never turns out good. Anyways, my thoughts.

    • ragamuffinsoul

      I’ll let you know when that becomes my issue! Cause it’s definitely not. 🙂

      • My bad. Just looking out.

        • Dude I just saw you on twitter in Dallas responding to my post. Now I’m going get Ebola too. Thanks.

    • Kik

      Glad this isn’t Carlos’s issue, but it is a huge problem…I’d be willing to say that one of the church’s biggest issues is not being FOR each other, but constantly divided, just like politics. Finding fault with the church often trumped by focus on Jesus for about 3 or 4 years. It halted my growth spiritually and made me the one with the problem. No more.

  • David


  • hater from siloam springs

    It’s a shame that Jesus talked about sin and we cannot. Why do we need Jesus if not because of sin?

    • Tripp

      The important thing is to note how much he talked about sin and in what context. It’s obvious the thing that bothered him the most was religious people who were worried about other people sinning too much. And it’s obvious the thing he cared most about was making sure people who sinned a lot understood they were loved anyway.

    • SMH

      If you want to make this about other peoples sins, why don’t we keep this conversation on topic and talk what Jesus said about homosexuality…

      • Tripp

        Sure. That’s a great topic.

    • fan from siloam springs

      I think you’re seeing an either/or issue when there isn’t one. If your focus is on Jesus, you’re going to address sin, but in a way that doesn’t dehumanize people and turn them into an agenda.

    • sandra

      Jesus already dealt with sin. He died on the cross for our past present and future sin, He came to give us life. Too many well meaning Christians are too sin focused, its paid for, its finished. He is seated at the right hand of the Father. Live your life and be free to love everyone. Lets be focused on that and not sin.

  • Matt Ryba

    Yes completely agree!

  • “Take your eyes off of the gospel…replace it with an issue… and people stop seeing Jesus and start seeing agendas.”

    Yes. Just yes. So much yes.

  • terryweaver

    Thanks for this Carlos! You just articulated things that have been stirring in my heart. Grateful for your boldness and bravery to say what you are thinking the rest of us are better for it!

  • Craig Marsh

    I agree that focusing on Jesus is the key to life change. And the lost people will always sin. That’s what they do. Believers have a higher standard. If a church member embraces sin, whether it be homosexuality or gossip or whatever, that person should be confronted with the teachings of scripture rather than excusing their coming out as being brave or whatever. Since when as a believer has embracing sin been applauded? May it never be.

    • Kelly

      Believers are sinners, too. Your “they” language is the crux of the problem. We’re all sinners. We all need Jesus.

    • Craig Marsh

      There is no way you can read my comment and think that I believe that believers don’t sin. Not sure what your motive is.

  • Je Ja

    I wonder what you will do when one of your kids would come out to you as Homosexuell. Would you still love them like this? ‘Would you accept it? As I am sure God love all people and God love gay people.

  • karen

    if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior, then you are a child of God FOREVER!!!! Not, if you are X, Y or Z……there are NO EXCEPTIONS, not one single one.

  • Posts like this are tough for me, because I promise you, I fix my eyes on Jesus quite a bit … in prayer, in the Word, in worship, in meditation .. and as I do, I feel the deepest since of grief in the condition of the church, and the assault on the Kingdom of Christ, and all sorts of issues come to mind. Paul addressed issues … a lot. I suppose it depends on whether or not Los is talking about addressing the WORLD or the CHURCH. Problem is … those two are sadly becoming practically indistinguishable.

    (I got a feeling I’m about to be reminded why I *never* chime in on these types of posts)

    As always, thanks Los for successfully pulling me out of the shadows LOL!

  • joshearwood

    Kinda strawman-ish. I’ve never heard anyone claim “homosexuality is the biggest issue facing the church. “

    • Jumbo

      How about the issue that I have been a member 0f four churches in my life and three of them are closed?

      • joshearwood

        I’m not sure what you mean.

        • Jumbo

          churches are closing almost daily. I think that is what they should be concerned with

    • patriciamc

      I have in various parts of the blog-sphere.

  • Michael


    I feel where you are coming from. So please tell me… when do we address sin? Never? OHHH I forgot… the church doesn’t anymore…and THAT’S why there are homosexuals that deacons 🙂 You can’t be free from something you never confront. Remember, God ALWAYS addressed sin. So did Jesus, and Paul, and Peter, and John…you get the point. But today… God forbid we tell people the truth 🙂

    • patriciamc

      The way I read it, Carlos isn’t saying to not address sin, but to not make sin or any other issue an idol that we focus on to the exclusion of Christ and his message of loving God and loving one another. Yes it’s tricky because we do need to address sin, but I have heard of churches where sin is pretty much all they talk about and as a result lost members and/or turned people off to God.

  • Julie D.M.

    I Love this~thank you for posting this! Amen!!

  • Steve Phillips

    After reading through a lot of the comments, I feel that the point has been missed by most.

    Sin, is not the focus of ministry. The great commission was not to go out to all the world and point out their sin. I’m not going to debate whether homosexuality is sin, that’s not up to me, it’s not up to you, or anyone on this earth. There are plenty of things that I feel are sinful, that aren’t for a lot of people.

    You can replace homosexuality with whatever sin you would like in the title or in the bulk of this message.

    When you show the Love of God, and invite others to experience that love, and they themselves develop a relationship with Him, then HE will start working on them. We aren’t responsible for getting the world to heaven. We are responsible for giving the love of God to the world. God, is responsible for changing people.

    Let God be God.

    Make moments by sharing God with others, not point out their flaws. For every flaw you point out, you have twice as many.

    Love the word Los!

  • Esther O’Reilly

    The whole thrust of Scripture meshes with what we can observe by the natural light—that there’s something fundamentally right about the one-flesh union between a man and a woman, and fundamentally broken about the homosexual parallel. Jesus may not have spelled out in neon letters “HOMOSEXUALITY = SIN,” but he talked extensively about the template for marriage and romantic union, and he laid it out very clearly: It’s one man + one woman. Male and female created he them. So I think for people to say “Nyah-nyah, Jesus never talked about homosexuality!” is a giant exercise in missing the point.

    (And just to anticipate the polygamy red herring, Jesus refers to that right here: “It was not so in the beginning.” In other words “Yep, the patriarchs sometimes had multiple wives and look how that turned out. You think my original idea was better, maybe?” Inclusion in the Bible does not equal moral endorsement.)

    Besides which, Paul DID talk explicitly about homosexuality, so unless you want to say that Paul was off his rocker when he wrote Romans 1, those are some hard proof-texts to skirt. But it’s not even just about the proof-texts, it’s about everything Scripture and nature tell us about human nature, about men and women and their fundamental complementarity.

    Sorry, but yes, this is a “Top 10 issue” in the Church right now, because it’s the cool sin of the day, and Christians are wavering right and left on what the Bible actually says about it. If your friend is struggling with homosexual thoughts, and he’s got pop culture on the one hand telling him it’s okay, and the Church on the other hand also saying “Dude, man, like I don’t know, whatever… maybe Jesus thinks you’re OK too!” then he will walk away still in bondage to his sin. And Jesus has some choice words for people who put a stumbling-block in the way of people struggling with sin.

    It is not loving to gloss over the Scripture when it comes to rescuing souls from bondage. Let me repeat that: It is NOT loving to gloss over the Scripture when it comes to rescuing souls from bondage.

    Think about it.

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  • Esther O’Reilly

    P. S.: “Y’all have just as many gay deacons in your church as Billy Graham had at First Baptist Church in Western Springs, Illinois.”

    So? I’m sorry, I’m not impressed. If that’s really true, it was a serious problem then too. It’s a serious problem whether they’re “out” or not. Also, this completely fails to draw any distinction between merely having the orientation and acting on it. Now, ultimately I do think it’s better if the person struggling with it doesn’t go around sharing this with the world, but only if he’s taking private steps, with a couple close friends, to deal with it on a spiritual level.

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  • Milton Friesen

    So true! We are incredibly good at taking our eyes off what matters and being distracted by our fears. I wonder sometimes why this “issue” strikes such fear in our Christian community’s hearts. Do we not believe that Jesus is all He claims to be?

  • tony Diaz