Rolling Deep :: The Pastoral Entourage



The entourage is a funny thing.
Everyone has either been in one, had one, or hated one.
I’ve always been in one.
Mooching off the gravy train of my friends success.
Ain’t no shame in my game.
I once stayed in Ryan Seacrest’s condo because I was in the entourage of one of his entourage.
I roll like that holmes.
Entourages are legit.
They are exclusive.
They are protective of the Entourageeeee.
I see them as they are rolling into a club, rolling into a show, rolling into a restaurant, rolling into a store…
Rolling into a church conference, rolling into a church service…
You know, those places where you need to make a splash.
[Insert squealing brakes sound here] It just FEELS good to roll deep.
What’s that?
You say Jesus had an entourage of disciples?
I’m sorry but I can’t imagine them rolling in 12 deep in 240 fps.
Maybe rolling in 12 deep and then splitting up to throw some healing and love on some people.
See here is the difference.
When Jesus rolled in He had an inviting presence.
People flocked and He welcomed it.
We on the other hand, have the tendency to roll deep with a protective nature vs an inviting nature.
What has been your experience with the pastoral entourage? Do you see it as a necessary evil or a maybe a bit of people drinking their own KoolAid?


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  • I gravitate to the entourage that doesn’t seek (too much) attention, but looks for the lonely person in the back or on the wall. You know, the person that wishes they weren’t there but by chance may get a glimpse of what’s happening. I’ve been that person on the wall. And it’s painful. But’s almost redeeming when ‘the guy’ approaches and says ‘hi’. Because there is a connection. And I believe that’s a huge part of our human nature. Not to be alone. But to be connected.

  • I think God designed the entourage to be a group dynamic for us to be encouraged and protected by. Jesus would send guys out at least 2 at a time to go preach. Plus, the Apostle Paul typically travelled with an entourage. There is a level of accountability and even boldness which comes from the people you travel with.
    I have seen both good and bad entourages within Christian circles… and at times have been part of a bad and good entourage. But I agree with your assessment in the blog post. If you roll with an entourage because together you are more effective at encouraging and serving others, then keep rolling with the homies. However, if the purpose of your entourage is to increase your status, then you have received your reward in full.

  • I’ve seen A list Nashville artists walking around trade shows with no entourage, and people don’t lose their minds because everyone knows that artist will be there, and they won’t be separated from the common folk. Having an entourage increases the need for an entourage.

  • Gotta love those conference moments where the entourage slides from their VIP seats to backstage past security during the last song of the service.

  • nothingwithoutjesus

    Having been either on a counseling team at church camps for 9 years or on a youth staff for the last 20 years, it has been ingrained in me to model the entourage after Jesus and his disciples. It is not my job to point the students to the youth pastor, but to Jesus. Likewise, when I go to a ladies retreat, I do have my close friends who I share accountability with the rest of the year and so I choose to room with them and share my deeper heart, but make sure and invite other ladies to interact, seek out those who need prayer and encouragement and participate wholly without hiding in a corner with my 2 besties. Entourages, at best, show off your friend circle and insulate you from social pain. It is a middle school thing that is so weird to watch in celebrities. Jesus was inviting to others because he LOVED others and was not afraid of them. If we truly believe the verse in Romans 8:31, “If God is for us, who can be against us.” then what are we doing in an exclusive entourage anyway?