Testing 1…2…3… Is This Thing On? Tell Me In The Comments!


I’m not tweeting this.

I’m not Facebooking this.

I just need to see if anyone still subscribes to RSS.

If you see this post, let me know in the comments!

I’ve got some big plans for us in 2017!!!



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  • aaronbird

    I still RSS!

  • Stacey Rathjen


  • Seen.

  • Greg Coates

    This thing is indeed on!

  • CharliePharis


  • Randy Walton


  • Jordan Bentley


  • Jen


  • We’re still here.

  • Tim Gibson


  • mbells

    i still use RSS

  • RSS all day long…

  • RSS is the one true path.

  • Been subscribed for ages now…

  • CJ


  • Sara

    Me 🙂 for years!

  • Spencer Watson

    Got it loud and clear!

  • Feedly 👍🏻

  • Still subscribed through feedly

  • Karin

    Feedly! Only way to read blogs!

  • Matthew Lloyd


  • Anita Pagitt

    yep… Feedly

  • Yes sir. Joining you from Feedly.

  • Chris Marsden

    Rss baby

  • Yeah boy!

  • Scott Roberts


  • Jen Cates Chile


  • yes, via inoreader

  • Darcy Knight

    Yep, over at Feedly.

  • Lex Lapax

    Mos def. I read this via feedly.

  • gfactor

    RSS reader here through Feedly.

  • Jeremy Julian

    Been wondering where you went

  • Also here from Feedly! Excited for what’s to come! 🙂

  • Lacey Cummings

    Feedly keeps me posted, still subscrbing 🙂

  • I’m still here!

  • Drew Pederson

    RSS:Social Media as Shout to the Lord:Worship music. It might not be the new hotness but it’s still oh so good.

  • Still here Los. Ride or die — in it until the end brother.

  • jeremy harper

    Raises his hand!!!

  • Ben MacGill

    Got it! Never left.

  • Mike Lovato

    Yep! Stoked to see a couple posts show up in my reader this week. Bring it on.

  • Still get your posts through my email inbox. 🙂

  • Kristen

    Yes, follow on Bloglovin

  • Greg Simmons

    Yep…Feedly is picking you up

  • Jennifer

    Still following via feedly.

  • Jill harris

    You always capture my attention

  • so happy to see so many feedly subscribers here 🙂 RSS for the win

  • Yep…keep it up!

  • Pete

    Subscribed on feedly and a month behind on my reading 🙂

  • Kelly Schwartz Keville

    I see you !

  • Ann

    Me too!

  • John McPeters

    I’ve missed your blog buddy… From one ragamuffin to another, welcome back.