#FitByFirst Signups End TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!!!

JOIN #FitByFirst TODAY! Only 8% of people who made New Years Resolutions actually kept them! And Summer Is Here. And there is no worse season to feel horrible about your physical fitness than summer. SOOOOOO I’m gonna teach you EVERYTHING I DID to lose my 35lbs in 3 months. But I’m gonna show you in 31 days…...
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Booking Winter And Spring Slots!!!

It’s been a crazy busy fall. And it’s time to do a winter and spring booking push! If your church has a Sunday in between sermon series, or a Sunday you are looking for a guest speaker, I’d LOVE to come and teach. booking@ragamuffinsoul.com The biggest risk of my professional career was listening to God...
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Rolling Deep :: The Pastoral Entourage

The entourage is a funny thing.
Everyone has either been in one, had one, or hated one. I’ve always been in one. Mooching off the gravy train of my friends success. Ain’t no shame in my game. I once stayed in Ryan Seacrest’s condo because I was in the entourage of one of his entourage. I...
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How to outrun Lust & Jealousy

I keep waiting to wake up one day and have lust and jealousy completely removed from my life. When I am laying there…still…eyes only half open…I actually believe I’ve won. Then I sit up, walk to the sink, splash some water on my face and look in the mirror. Wow. Rough. Man. Did someone beat...
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