This last year has been INCREDIBLE.

From speaking at some of the largest churches in the country to some incredible church plants. From some business boutique conferences to the main stage at some of the largest Christian conferences in the country. God has granted favor on the reinvention of my ministry. Which to be honest, wasn’t really a reinvention. It was just a reboot. Like version 2.0



Another incredible update is I have been signed exclusively to Premier Speakers Bureau. They have opened the door to incredible opportunities for me and have been a great partner in this new season.  I would LOVE to come and inspire the group of people you have been charged with pressing forward in life.

So don’t be scared to email!

circles3I obviously love to teach on my book Moment Maker but have been filling in for some pastor friends of mine in the middle of their series as well. So the topic is up to you and I promise I will crush it.

I love my friends with megachurches as well as my friends with minichurches.
I love my friends with 12k person conferences and my friends with 100 person conferences.
Talk to me friends.
Feedin My Babies While Preaching To Yours…
Thanks for letting me trust you guys with my speaking career.


To book Carlos for a speaking event, email booking@carloswhittaker.com

“Carlos is funny and profound. It’s rare to be so entertained by a speaker while he simultaneously changes your life.”

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

“My advice as a pastor to you regarding Carlos Whittaker would be that under no circumstance should you book him for the next year. I say that selfishly because I want his schedule completely open so he is available to come back to Montana again and again and again because he killed it so hard when he preached at fresh life last time.”

Levi Lusko

“Carlos Whitaker has the rare gift of delivering a message that is inspiring, hilarious, practical and most importantly God honoring. You’ll be so glad you brought him in for one of your services.”

Pete Wilson

“Carlos connects with audiences in an honest, dynamic, fresh way. More than that, he helps connect audiences to each other, to ideas and most importantly to God.”

Jon Acuff