Katrina. Isn’t it amazing how the meaning of one word can change overnight? Before this weekend if I heard the word Katrina I would think of Lori McDugalds little sister. She had bright red hair. She was in my brothers Sunday School class. I went to Tucker Highschools Senior prom with her sister Lori. Katrina used to have really thick glasses. She was shy. That was what the word Katrina brought up in my mind pre 2004.
I saw Katrina again last summer. I think she was married and was definitely older. Time had been good to Katrina. I think her glasses were gone. Her red hair had a healthy shine. She was beautiful. The word Katrina suddenly meant something else. Good for Katrina.
I love those stories. I was skinny and had a panamullet in high-school. Now I am a bit thicker and would love to have some sort of business on the top with my party in the back. My business has slowly headed down the side of my dome. And there isn’t a party to speak of. I am sure that Katrina remembers that Carlos.
Oh but how a moment can change a pattern of thinking. Now when my ears consume the word Katrina, this is what my mind connects to…and probably will forever…

How are my friends Inman and April and their baby Jacob?

Where are David and Heather Platt?

Where is the happy brother that played his trombone at the corner of the downtown cathedral going to play now?

Did this part of the levy break?

I wonder if Mr. Wise is still there?

I wonder if the “Real World” house was destroyed.

When I was there in February did I really take it in?

I will never know how scary a hurricane is while I live here. I think that is fine.
As of 11:22 p.m. those are the thoughts I have of Katrina. I almost posted the typical “how can we help” blog. But there are plenty of those links. I suggest you click them. Almost all of my favorite blogs have some way to help. Click them. But from me tonight, my mind is almost over saturated with the images and news. I need to sleep on them. Heather and I might take our last few days of vacation and fly out to volunteer. I have no money to give. Just my 2 hands. Maybe Katrina will give me more purpose for a few days. Maybe not. But one thing is for sure. I am sure Katrina McDugald has never heard her name this much.
God Bless New Orleans,