So this Monday the Worship Team is holding it’s first true vocal auditions. I feel a bit puzzled by this whole mess. And I mean mess. It is a messy process. Telling people who have forked their entire Christian identity in being a “Worship Team Member” that, well, maybe they should be a greeter. Back when we were small, it was easy. There were 3 people that could sing at Sandals. 75 people came. “Shout to the Lord” was sung. Everyone would get goosebumps on the keychange. We all hung out at Huntington Beach on the weekends and sang songs around a fire pit. I mean all of us. I would sing softly and listen to see if I heard a nice voice. That was your audition. Then I would beg you to sing on Sundays. Now things are different. The church is far too big for that. I have in ear monitors so I can’t hear a thing. I have hand picked the vocals for 6 years now. It’s time for some help. I’m having another worship pastor from another church sit in as well as 2 vocals I really trust. And my wife. She can’t sing a lick. Well I take that back. She did win the Alto Award at Clovis High School her senior year but she swears it was pure popularity. She can discern the fur off a furry rat. So now we must grow. I made up that rat thing. It made sense when I typed it so I’ll leave it.
This is a hard thing for me. I admit I love to be comfortable. I like to surround myself with people who I like and are easy to deal with. But the truth is that it’s time to stretch again. I know that God has brought some very talented people to Sandals. I know that some of these people have been sitting and waiting for this moment. I know some of the people currently on the Worship Teams are nervous. I am in this very uncomfortable place. I love it. How amazing would it be to find 5 amazing vocals to help carry the load of leading? How amazing would it be to find a 13 year old with a better voice than me? How amazing would it be to find a few more people to pour into? These are all things that I have been praying for. Half of me is worried they won’t show up. The other half is worried they will. I want to see this ministry grow this year. I feel tremendous pressure to make that happen. So whenever I start feeling that pressure I usually do one thing. I go into my backyard. Smoke some vanilla tobacco in my Appalachia pipe. Call one of my boys from back east and they remind me that I am not all I think I am. That God will do what He wants with whomever He wants. They tell me to just look in the mirror. 6 years ago I was dressing up as Eeyore at Disneyland. God is in control.