So typepad has this cool feature where you can Blog from your cell phone. Seeing that I have a 8lackberry 7100t it is easy as pie to type. Another cool thing about my 8lackberry 7100t is that I have trained it to capitalize the word Blog. Look! It did it again.
So today I am heading back to so Cal. You thought I was black before. I think I turned purple. I am about to embark on 2 airplanes totalling 6 hours with my almost 2 year old and a barely 3 year old. I am not sure whether to cry now or later. They are good kids. But they are also my kids. Pray.
So with that I will now end my first Blog with my 7100t. I get home at 11. The pitts is picking us up. Should be a fun day.
Los P.s. Just in case you didn’t know what kind of phone I have it is a
Blackberry 7100t. Blackberry 7100t.Blackberry 7100t.Blackberry 7100t.Blackberry 7100t. Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.