Aabt002789_1I want to reference last nights post with Charlie Halls view of Comparison. It is a beautiful way of looking at jealousy and rivalry within leadership in the church…

Comparison & Jealousy

Strange things begin to creep inside your heart as you step into leadership positions. Things you have felt at other levels but not like what you feel now. As you watch other leaders you think about one or a combination of three things, “I can do that so much better than them”, or ” I wish I was anointed like that”, or “Lord Jesus fill that leader up and use them right now for your glory”. The last statement is the hardest to attain in your heart, but I suggest it be something you pursue constantly.

The story of Saul and David began like this as well. Saul loved David while David was the little shepherd boy. As soon as people started singing about how David was greater than Saul, Saul became jealous and an evil spirit came over him. He lost his own anointing and before his life ended he wasted a lot of his time chasing David around the mountains. How many of us let jealousy consume us until we look up and we realize we aren’t even doing what we are called to do any more, chasing something around a mountain.

In the worship ministry that I am apart of we have desperately tried to maintain these comparisons and jealousy’s by constantly pouring ourselves into raising up more worship leaders and asking God to increase their anointing. This concept of raising other people past you…READ MORE HERE.

By Charlie Hall