So I have been looking fervently for a new tattoo. I spell that wrong everytime. Anyways. I swear I am going cholo and getting my girls portrait on my pecs. Then Heathers face on my other pec. Looking directly at each other. But Heather says she will never sleep with me again. So on goes my search. I am not big on Christian symbols. Mostly because everyone has one and it is lame to do the hebrew letter thing or nails and thorns stuff. But in the process of searching I came across this website. It has been an hour of education if nothing else. I mean did you know the QuatrefoilQuatreis a symbol of the four Evangelists – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? I didn’t. Oh. You didn’t either? Well go search out some more. Next time you hit up the local mass you will have a game to play looking at the walls.