This is Heather. I broke into Carlos’ blog. I promise it’s me.
Here we sit in bed, like most nights Carlos is typing his blog or reading yours, and myself reading whatever novel I am currently living in. But tonight was different. I heard it once. Then twice. It was after the third time that i turned to him. “Did you hear that”, Nothing, oh wait there it was again. This time carlos in his birthday suit jumped up to fight the dragons. he looked outside, then followed the noise into the house. I felt safe in the arms of a man willing to face the noise head on. Then he was gone. I heard nothing. He must be checking every hiding place in our 2 bedroom house. Finally i heard the cracking of the hardwood floors as he walked back. i looked at him and realized halfway into the fighting off the dragon part, well his stomach got to him and he came back with cereal. here i thought he was protecting our family by checking the house. But instead he was eating his cereal. if you know anything about carlos he is addicted to cereal, even within a battle he stops to have his bowl. so if you need protection dont call carlos.