Recently in the blog circles that I run with there have been many conversations on what it means to live as a Christian in America today. Blogstar wrote this in his blog. At first, depending on what part of the country you live in, you might take offense to his rash statements. Reading through his comments I found all sorts of opinions. I have mine and agree with much but not all of what he said. I would definitely say I am conservative in my theology yet not so much in my opinions of do’s and don’ts for Christians. I’m not that smart. I think there are enough things to pray about besides “Mr. Smith’s small group drinks together on Friday nights.” I mean even one of my most respected writers and leaders of The Emergent Movement knows how to throw one down every so often. Let me dance this tight rope if you will.
Even moving to the mecca of “do as you please” So Cal, I could not escape the choke hold that many evangelical Christians had on each other. We argue over the dumbest things. We pay attention to what I honestly believe the enemy wants us to. We use terms like I just used…”The Enemy”. See. I’m trained well huh? I mean we confuse the heck out of so many people searching for something genuine. Something sincere. Something filled with love.
I love what my dad says almost every time he preaches…”I don’t care how we reach the lost. What kind of music we use. What kind of clothes we wear. I don’t care if we have to stand on our heads playing the ukulele. Whatever it takes to see that every man, woman, boy, and girls comes to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ is all I care about!!!” This statement is usually followed by a thunderous applause or shouts of “Amen!!!” Sometimes I wonder of all those applauding would have a beer with my security guard friend Mike at the Troubadour while just listening to him share his heart. Who knows? Maybe they would. I just think sometimes we fix our eyes on things of this place rather than on things of His place.
What do you think?