So the other night The Pitts and I went to see War of the Worlds. It was late. The movies started at 10:30ish. I was tired. We had been recording all day. Nothing like a good heart warming Stephen Spielberg flick to get you ready for the next day. You know the movies I’m talking about. E.T. Raiders. The Color Purple. You know the feelings I’m speaking of. About 60 minutes into the movie he has hanging your heart in front of you to feed to the sharks only to seconds later rescue it. And he leaves you with a smile. So about 2 hours into this movie I turn to The Pitts and ask him if he thinks anytime soon we are going to get a handle on this alien situation. I mean. It has been 120 minutes of turning humans into ash, sucking brains out of our heads, ripping our spinal cords out. And my favorite of all had to be the bowel movements of human remains the tripods took every 15 minutes or so. Not so much the feel good save the world movie I had hoped for. Our poor little military had to wait for these bugs to get sick and die.
On the one hand the movie was a flat out failure for me. Kinda dumb. On the other hand it was interesting to see us so helpless. We were nothing but little ants to these things. Too many to count. How could we matter? They were just doing what I do every time I see an anthill in the backyard. I grab the Raid and spray. Walk away and continue on with my day. Oh but wait. Do I really just spray and walk away? (Dirty Little Secret)…No. This is what I actually do. I poke the ant hill with a stick to get those little guys to come running out. Thusands of them. Then I spray a big circle of RAID around them. They are now trapped. I watch them hit the wall of RAID and turn back toward safety only to take 4 little ant steps and die. Now I know some of you reading this right now are suddenly feeling pity toward the poor little ants. I am now this mean monster of a man. Sure. I think it is a bit twisted. But some of the stuff you do creeps me out a bit too. Aliens. People. Ants. There is the flow of nature. Spelled out by yours truly. What is it inside my large dome that needs to feel powerful? That is what it boils down to you know? Power.
As a kid I often thought of God as this quiet old wizard on the dark sky. Looking into his magnifying glass at our world and seeing nothing but ants. Looking kinda like the Harry Potter Wizard dude. Wonderring if he really cared. Or if he just sees ants. I will never understand how he can actually find me and care for me with all of you out there to love and care for as well. I used to think God was just a power hungry man. Playing us like a game of RISK. Sometime when I close my eyes to pray I still see that image. The old man image. But now I know he watches this world of people ants and rejoices and cries with our actions. What I do tomorrow really matters to him. Now that is a trip.
I just reread this post. I went from aliens, to RAID, to God. This relaxation is really getting to me. I better get some sleep so I make sense to more than just myself tomorrow. Pray for my family. They have 4 more days with me.
I’m not saying not to spray the Raid. Just spray the Raid and walk away.