Woman brings child to emergency feeding centre in Niger
The fingers of malnourished one-year-old Alassa Galisou are pressed against the lips of his mother Fatou Ousseini at an emergency feeding clinic in the town of Tahoua in northwestern Niger. Torrential rain promising a better harvest in Niger threatens to slow aid deliveries to many of the millions of hungry people in desperate need of help before their crops ripen, aid workers said on Monday. One of Niger’s worst droughts in living memory destroyed much of last October’s crop, leaving an estimated 3.6 million people short of food, including tens of thousands of starving children who could die without urgent assistance….

taken from www.corbis.com

Every once in a while you see something that reminds you of your gluttony. In all areas of life. It didn’t necessarily make me sad. Not even pity. It didn’t make me want to go across the globe to feed the Nigerian child. It did not make me want to help.
So what did it do?
It simply made me get out of bed and walk down the hallway and grab Seanna’s hand. Her hand is not skinny. It actually could be described as fat. I am blessed. I am cursed. The media has shown me how blessed I am while diluting my very own ethos. I pray that compassion sneaks back into my heart. Somewhere that woman is breathing right now. A lump is in her throat. She is scared of losing her baby.