Wow. So if you are a regular blogger you know the joys that lie in finding out how people are finding your blog. I have a number of different sources of entry to this little world know as Ragamuffin Soul. Seeing I have been only doing this for a few weeks now I have only a handful of people who link to me. A majority of first time visitors heading my way make their way from ETHOS. My favorite blog where I spend most of my mornings before I actually start “working”. Randy gets lots of visitors and I count it a privilege that he linked to this place from his blog. Well the other day I was checking where all of you were coming from and I saw something interesting. It was a link from the MSN search engine. The link read like this…”” After a second of trying to make sense of the language I realized it was a search engine. “Cool.” I thought. “Someone actually searched for Ragamuffin Soul!!!!! Man I am getting popular. Watch out Bloggers. Carlos is taking over the blogging world!!! I am being searched for. Sought after. You betta recognize!!!!!!” So I then copied and pasted the link into Safari. I hit the enter key on my powerbook with my right pinky just like Mrs. Franklin taught me to back in 10th grade. “Hey. Wait a second? Am I reading right?” Yes I was. My screen said this…
Page 1 of 668 results containing authentic kkk ropes (0.06 seconds)
Authentic KKK Ropes. Authentic KKK Ropes. Really? Authentic KKK Ropes. 3 words. One search engine. 668 results. I am number one.
You have to know my past. 2 second summary. I was the only “Carlos” in my elementary, and highschool. My date to the Senior Prom let me know the reason her dad was being rude to me was he was a member of the KKK. I went to college in Rome, GA were rallies were as common as kissin’ cousins. Dude. I came to Califas to get away from that stuff. But lo and behold. Probably some skinny little kid out of Columbus, GA was searching online for a gift for his grandpa’s birthday. And where did he land?
Ragamuffin Soul. A dark man’s blog where for some reason he has in different places 3 words. Authentic, KKK, and Rope.
Now here is the kicker. My little stat tracker lets me know how long he stayed. 27 minutes. Yup. 27 minutes. Another cool thing. I get to see the ip address of the server he is using. Yup. He has been back 7 times. Stayed a few minutes each time.
So if your reading this Mr. or Mrs. Authentic KKK Rope. Thanks for finding me. You made me reminisce. And also made me realize that you might be able to take the Panamanian out of Rome and Tucker, GA. But you can’t take the Rome and Tucker, GA out of the Panamanians blog.
Ya’ll Come back now hear!!!