There are some guys that come along once in a while. Then there are some guys that come along once. Rob Vis is that guy. He showed up as a green, scared boy worried to leave the church he called home his whole life for fear of disappointment. Little did he know the impact he would have on the lives of hundreds at Sandals Church. From that first audition with his Line 6 gear to his current Fender Twin setup I have watched him grow. He has gone from a 18 year old boy with no clue about leadership and ministry that could kind of play guitar, to a man with scars from ministry battles few would fight, a man who could lead the entire worship and arts ministry here if I went down, a husband who loves his wife more than life itself, and one of my best friends in the world. Today it’s his birthday. I thought since I am a poor pastor, I would tell the world what I thought of him. May God continue to release His anointing on you and your family Rob.
Wish him a good day
Happy Birthday.