Img_3080_1So Friday night the CWB played at Cal Baptist University New Student Orientation. It started off at 8:30. It was cool. A lot of kids got to hear our music and responded well. They asked us to play “No One Like You” 4 times. Yes 4 times. I know it’s a bit taboo when it comes to being “professional” but it’s the CWB remember. There is nothing professional about us. I try to be professional during my day job. An I pretty much fall on that attempt too. Anyways we handed out lots of stickers with my dome on it and played hard. I played electric most of the night which as most of you know is not like me. I like to keep it redneck. But So Cal wins out in me sometimes.
This night was particularly good for different reasons.
1. The sound sucked. Every aspect of the sound system fried before we even got done with sound check.
2. Since the board fried we had no monitor mixes. You are following me huh?
3. There was a large 3 story building 50 yards in front of us which was delaying the mains back to our ears approximately 2 seconds after a sound was produced.
4. When things go this bad the night is bound to be good.
So as things fell apart I got all “musician” on the poor CBU student staff and told them that “I want to deliver a good representation of what the CWB sounds like to these new students. I am afraid the sound is not cutting it. Sorry. We are done playing. Put on a CD.” It was about then that mi amor came out of left field. “Uh uh uh. No sir. You put that guitar back around your neck and play Mr. All Pro Musician. There are a couple hundred kids sitting out there listening. They are having fun. It is not up to you to ruin it. Just suck it up and play”. 20 seconds later we started rocking their freaking socks off. You know. Out of anger and joy. I love when that happens on stage. Suddenly they drew close to the stage and started dancing and spinning and moshing and worshipping. It was the first time we ended a set and they chanted “One more song!!!” Heather was right again. I hate it when she does that. During that last song I started dreaming of who I was not. My head began to grow as I effortlessly played the crowd and my body guards were throwing rushing fans off the stage while my manager was booking the next day flight to London to play at Wembly Stadium in front of 40 thousand worshippers all worshipping me, I mean God, and screaming “One More Song!!! One More Song!!!” Then I woke up. Looked over and saw this.
Yea. I’m not in Wembly Stadium. I’m a dad with a 2 year old that could care less about my front tuck and keen lyrics. She fell asleep during song number 4. Thank You Lord for my #2 girl caring only about how much time I spend with her and not how many CD’s I sell. I’ll take that any day.

My hair is brillo today. I must go HEADBLADE.