So I am trying to churn out this Christmas album. There is something about not being able to get “The First Noel” out of your head in mid September that is nice and a nightmare at the same time. All the preproduction is going smoothly and should be ready for tracking next week or so. I have learned so much the last year that I almost don’t know what to do with all the information. One thing I have learned is not to listen to any other Christmas albums. They pretty much all suck. Except for 2. Elvis: White Christmas, and Jars of Clay’s Drummer Boy. If I could only blend the 2…Hmmmmm. So anyways. Next week I am going to buy one more nice preamp for my second acoustic mic. Another 600 bones dropped all for the sake of Santa. He better bring me some cash this year.
I am going to start another blog documenting the process starting next week. I know exactly what your thinking. Like I have time for 2 blogs. Actually it will be a shared author blog. I like the idea of different minds writing down the same things. So stay tuned the next few days for the link. It will be a good resource for those of you standing on the fence about home studio recording vs. pro studios. There are pros to them both. Cons as well. I really enjoyed the time at Citrusonic last year recording Authenticity. Jeremy was a life saver. He was a great teacher as well. I am hoping he will produce the Live album early 2006. I know I promised the Crowder review. I changed it because I now dislike 2 of the songs I thought I liked. 🙂 But I also like a song I used to dislike. 🙂 O’Well. Tomorrow.

Ho Ho Ho.