It’s been a long while since the boys of CWB hung out. With The Pitts working at Star 98.7 in Burbank and Isaac climbing telephone poles in Perris while robjonvis is flipping chicken at Chick-fil-a. We never get to hang out. It is always a gig or rehearsal. Never just hang out time. It was good. Pipe3The theme of the night was to buy Rob a pipe. We hit up the Tinder Box at good old Tyler mall and headed out to ESPNzone at Downtown Disney for a bite to eat. When we got back to my house tonight I went into detail as to how to pack a pipe in 3 phases. After about 5 minutes of instruction my mom looked at me quizzically and wondered aloud if smoking a pipe should be that complicated. I said no but it sure makes you sound smart. We proceeded to the backyard where all you heard was 4 overweight wanna be rock stars breathing heavily, coughing, spitting, and spitting some more. We didn’t say a word to each other for 30 minutes. Just tried to keep our pipes lit without having to relight. Rob successfully completed his first bowl of vanilla tobacco. He enjoyed it. We miss Jeff. His job at Star has taken him away from us for a while. Hopefully he’ll be back soon. It is time to start getting ready for the Campus Crusade for Christ Christmas Conference in San Diego. We haven’t all 4 played together for a long time. Someone is always gone. So I thought tonight would get us back in the swing of things.
Tomorrow Matt and I are going to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose. At first I thought he was studying for a sermon series or something. No. He just likes to see his Worship Pastor squeel like a girl. And before I get all the emails about the lead pastor and his worship pastor seeing this movie, let me preface you by stating, Yea. You can come with us at 2 pm at the Orange Crest Cinemas. Should be fun to see me watch an entire movie through the gaps in my fingers. Dear Lord. Why did you hook me up with such a horror flick loving boss?