I’m old. But so are these people. We are all 32. Some are cool. Some are not. But we are all 32. Well actually I’m only 31 at the time of this posting. Ladies and Gentlemen. The class of 1973…
Carlos Whittaker – Oh yea. Cool.
Oscar De La Hoya – Ummmm. No. Not cool. Sorry Papa.
David Blaine – Oh Yea. Cool in a very depressing, psychotic kind of way.
Jeff Timmons – No. 98 degrees and not married to Jessica. Sorry dude.
Tina Yothers – You will always be cool if you were in that show baby.
Tori Spelling – Not unless she moves to the 92504.
Carson Daly – Of’course. I still want to be him
Brian Austin Green – Damn I’m old.
Rufas Wainwright – He still sells records. Cool
Nomar Garciapara – Sorry Nomar. You play for the Cubs now.
Monica Lewinsky – No comment.
Wanya Morris – C’mon. You know “How do I say goodbye” still lingers in your dome. Yea.
Tempest Bledsoe – The talkshow killed your legacy sista.
Howie Dorough – I always felt bad for this guy. He was the ugly backstreet boy.
Lisa Ling – Cool
Dave Chappell – SHHHHHhhhh don’t tell. Cool
Tyra Banks – Um. Yup.

So there you have it. People born the same year as me. Some are at their career hieghts and some lows. But we are all 32. Next year I’ll be 33. Eminem is 33. Sweet. He’s still cool.

I look at it this way. Brad Pitt is 41. I’ve got time. I just need his genes.