18Tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for. 5 days ago I my 17″ Powerbook fell off the studio table as I was pulling a cable wrapped around my Powermac G5. I know. I’m spoiled. That’s not the point. The point is that tomorrow I am getting a new hard drive. I found a website that I am going to spend a lot of money at the next year or so. pbfixit.com. These guys do it all. Apple was going to charge me 600 bones to fix my beautiful Aluminum love. No no no Mr. Steve Jobs. You might be used to taking all my money. But not this time. I am doing the surgery myself. And upgrading my hard drive to 7200 rpm and 100 Gigs. Yea. I hope I can pull off this surgery.

So I am looking around the site after I purchased my hard drive. Who are these guys I just gave my money to. I am weird like that. I like to know how long a company has been around ect. So on the VERY BOTTOM LEFT CORNER of their website under the contact us/shipping/privacy links there was this random link. It said…”Why?” Maybe it was their business vision statement or something. Click it. Go ahead.
Now scroll to the bottom left hand corner of the page and click “Why?”

Yea. Not only will they fix your computer, they will fix you too.