3 days. This is the longest I have left this little space called Ragamuffin Soul. To be honest I wasn’t even around my trusty Powerbook. It wasn’t that my kids took it all out of me. They were a handful but no more trouble than my band mates are to tend to. I played a lot of Madden ’06. Dsc03881
Unfinished Poetry and I too the girls to a fire station grand opening 3 doors down the street. We went to Victoria Gardens where I had to beg for a diaper from 3 couples before I found one willing to help a poor dad out who forgot to bring an extra poop catcher.
Sunday was good. The family at Sandals responded beautifully to a simple yet powerful service. It was a good chance to play “Deliver Me” in a large corporate worship setting. Thanks to Purpose Driven Blog for hooking me up with some images as well as Corbis.
The weekend really ended tonight with the First Annual Sandals Worship Ministry Brown Trash Cookout. It was great. My front yard full of cars. Cardenas providing the chicken and tortillas. My camry with it’s right window glass shattered all over my driveway. A few homeless guys peeking over the fence next door wondering if they can grab a bite. It was nice. I am truly going to miss this place when we move in a few months. There is something about living ON Arlington. For those of you around the country I basically live on a 4 lane highway. Its nice. I can actually pick out the shopping cart and which grocery store it came from just by the sound of the wheels rolling by.
It was a great night.
Heather got a face full of cake. The chicas in the room got mad at me for not “defending her”. Little do they know that Mikey probably has a can of opened sardines cooking in the back of his car right now. She’s a big girl. She’ll take care of Mikey. Most the newbies that made it through the “Auditions” were here tonight. It was sooo good. People just gelled. Img_3242After dinner we squeezed 30 or so people in my living room and sang for a while. You should be jealous. It was tight. I recorded it because I knew it would be one of those moments. The best was right in the middle of “You Said”, when we hit that key change, all voices united in a capella glory, Sohaila decided she was tired of me playing guitar and singing and she threw a fit right in front of me. The kind of fit only a sugar laden over stimulated 3 year old could throw. I couldn’t stop playing. So I just ignored her until Heather made it to the rescue.
I love my kids.
The last few days were good. Sorry this entry really sucks. Kind of all over the place. But so am I right now. Stay tuned for tomorrow night as I bring you up to speed on America’s current best indie artist…