Monday Bloody Monday…
Sometimes I think U2 was misdirected as to which day of the week to use in that song. I am tired. Mondays I have about 8 hours of prep to do in about 2 hours at the end of the day. Poor Rob. He always gets me right after all my meetings when my brain is fried and we have 100 things to do. But patience is his virtue. Thanks Roberto.
Tonight we had a rather good vocal rehearsal. 3 newbies were there and things blended rather nicely. If you know anything about me you know I believe there is only one way to learn something. That is to sink or swim. So I am throwing Michelle to the wolves her first Sunday on stage. She will be fine. Her voice is angelic. But I also want the church to know that you can be led by someone you don’t know. They are comfortable right now. The church that is. I think it is my job to make sure they don’t get to comfortable in their worship at times. Then we get lazy and fat. Kind of like my current belly. I’ve got to do some sit-ups. I always think of my dad when I am trying to do something for the first time. My dad grew up on the coast of Panama. Not Florida for all my redneck Ragamuffins. Anyways my grandpa was a fisherman. He had some ways about him that were a little, well, he was a fisherman. So one day he took his cute skinny non swimming son, Fermin out on the canoe. He told Fermin it was time to learn to swim. Next think my dad knew he was in the water. Splashing, drowning, swimming. 4 trips out on the canoe and my dad had swimming down. I guess I have a bit of my grandpa in me. I don’t know who I am throwing off the boat though. The congregation or Michelle? Maybe both. Maybe neither. But one thing is for sure. I’ll probably get wet too.

Keep thrashing. your bound to tread water sometime.