My kids are spoiled. When I was a kid we had a season pass once to White Water. Even to Six Flags. But I remember the feeling. The feeling of knowing that we would be at Disneyland in only 3 more days. We had perspired in the back of the Buick Regal for 5 days enduring every Holidome across this great land of ours. We would be in Flagstaff, AZ and I would think to myself…”Only three more days. 3 more days until I get to see Alice, Snow White and Cinderella.” I was 14. Even once a year I had it better than most of my redneck brothers whose vacations consisted mostly of family camping at Stone Mountain. Not to slam the Stone. I do remember it is the largest single piece of Granite in the US. But look. You can’t argue with me. My kids are at Disneyland EVERY WEEK. Sure they get excited. But when Sohaila has her rides and the order in which she likes to ride them memorized at age 3 we have hit the definition of spoiled. It’s OK. I still have fun. But I’m not allowed to hit on Snow White and Alice anymore.
Today my mom and the kids and I hit the Big D. It was another great day at the Happiest Place on Earth.