Today was a good day. Mondays always are. We read the Word as a staff and pray together as a staff. Then the pastors lock ourselves in a 8×10 conference room for a few hours and do what we do. Later T.J. asks me where I’m going for lunch and when I respond with, “Subway” he moans and grimaces like I’m some tree hugging hippie for eating at Subway. He usually comes with me. I get back from lunch only to find Rob in my officina slamming away at his 12” Powerbook and with my list of “To Do’s” on my desk. I thought he worked for me? We do music for an hour or so and I look forward to the 30 minutes I get to see my biscuit heads at 5 before I head back to the office for vocals. I love vocal rehearsal. We laugh as much as we sing. Tonight we ended up doing a pretty good rendition of “Summer of ‘69” by Brian Adams. The riff I was playing on acoustic sounds frightenly similar to Beautiful One. At least when my redneck fingers are strumming. It was a really good day. Stress Free. I was happy.
Then I got happier.
Img_3313_1It is good to know people. It is good to be loved by people. Around 6:15 my Blackberry 7100t rang as brightly as it ever has. I looked on the screen and it read Beatrice Lovelord. (Real names have been changed to protect the identity of my informants) Beatrice never calls me. Ever. But when she does I know exactly what it means. You see Beatrice is a street rep for Six Steps Records. I did the math in my head before I answered and realized that Crowder is coming out with a record in 8 days. This could only mean one thing. I was only about an hour away from listening to the entire 21 track beast of an album. As I type this I am on track 14 of 21. “Come Awake”. I am disgusted with the creativity of Crowder. He is brilliant. I have a feeling some of his fans will be…Hang on. I’m getting ahead of myself. Tomorrow is the album review. Right now it is time for one thing. And one thing only. Sit outside. Smoke a pipe. Listen to what you can’t listen to. Smile some more.

Gracias Beatrice Loveland.
My ears are happy.

I meant Lovelord. Yea. That’s her name.