I’m on my blackberry again. I am heading to Fresno in the middle of the night. Seems like this is the only time I ever drive to Fresno. Actually heather is driving as I type. Normally I find myself in this situation with a stack of guitars in the back. Not this time. I don’t even get to sing on this quick jaunt. Tomorrow I am leading a short seminar at the California Baptist convention on how I think blogging can effectively communicate to the members of this denomination who they are not communicating with curently. I am pretty excited. I have my spill all ready. I think they can do it. They do so many great things that churches are not communicating. They need to take the ball back. Pray for me. I tend to get really excited when I talk about my passions and end up spewing random information for an hour. My dad is the executive director of the convention so he obviously is excited about the possibilities. He just asked that my jeans are not ripped. He’ll always be dad.
The business side of blogging is one I have only recently been researching. It is huge. CEO’s from NBA teams to marketing directors of large pc firms, to bank presidents are all blogging. They are succeeding in building morale. Employees are able to communicate with higher levels of management previously off limits.
Sorry. Didn’t mean to include you in the seminar.
Let me know what you thought of the jc’s girls bit on TV tonight. I wasn’t able to see it. I tivo’d it so ill see it tomorrow night. Rumor has it you caught a piece of the band playing on a Sunday.
My thumbs are tired.

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