Tonight I put the fear of God in my littlest girl. I didn’t mean to. I mean why would this scare a child?Img_4282_1
OK. So maybe I looked a bit freaky. I honestly thought Seanna would never speak to me again. She didn’t like me that dark I guess. A bit of racism in my already feisty daughter. Just kidding. So the face paint did have a reason. I dressed up tonight as an iPod Silhouette Commercial. About 80 percent of the people at our 2nd annual “Trunk or Treat” knew exactly what I was. The other 20 percent kept staring at me wondering why Carlos is as weird as he is. I just assumed everyone would have seen one of the commercials, billboards, magazine ads in the past 3 years of life. Apparently Steve Jobs needs a little bit more help in his marketing efforts. Indextopgreen20050627

Sohaila was Belle. Seanna was Tigger. Heather went back to 1996 and cheered for Clovis High tonight. It was a good night with the familia. After the Kyle Lake tragedy I spent a lot more time staring at my kids tonight.

What were you this evening?