Matt_pottyI have been on staff at Sandals for over 6 years now. I have heard over 350 sermons roll from his lips. He is at his prime right now. I couldn’t wait to get off stage to listen to him all 3 services today. You really should check out the podcast on itunes. I have a link on the right column. If you don’t have iTunes please uninstall your Windows Media Players and download iTunes. You will be happier, I promise.
I love my team. They are the most flexible team around. I know I have been spoiled here. There are just not any egos. We have over 30 people involved on the worship teams and every single one of them roll with the punches every Sunday. Like today for instance.
I walk into the gym this morning around 7:45. In the middle of sound check I felt like the pre sermon set was a bit too “feely”. We started with my new song “Majesty”. It is still getting it’s legs. It is working well. Then we hit up “Salvation is Here”. My new favorite song. It rocks my socks off. Hillsongs United have become my new love. They have had one or two good songs in the past but our poor church is about to get hit by 10 Euro tunes in the next few weeks. The newest album is on. I love it. So with 2 screaming electrics and a catchy hook it will survive the Sandals journey of a Worship tune for longer than most. We were going to end with “Here is Our King”, but I felt although it moves the soul, it moves it a little too slowly for the transition that Matt was going to make. So we changed it to the safe and crowd pleaser, “Let the Praises Ring”. It worked better.
This evening I took out “Surrender” at the end of the set and replaced it with “Lord I Give You My Heart” into “Holy is the Lord”. Again. Safe yet focusing on joy rather than surrendering. Last second decision again. My guys and gals just know. I will not do the same set we rehearsed on Monday and Tuesday. It never happens. Never will. I like to keep it fresh. And I think only the freshest and most flexible survive on the team. Thank you team.
So it was a good day. The church connected in worship. I had some good coffee. D came over after church to talk life. Ricardo and Amanda came over for lunch. I wrote another verse to the new song. I didn’t break a string. Matt said shit from stage. Heather V. had 2 girls from a club at church. There were donuts left after 1st set. I got a coffee drink named after the band. People came to church. And that’s always a good thing.