So most of you know the name of my first album was Authenticity. I was thumbing through the ETHOS archives and I found this post on Authenticity. Just thought I would share…


This post is inspired by a message my Pastor delivered this morning about authenticity. Authenticity defined means being real, genuine not counterfeit.

Recently my life coach requested I tell my personal story in a closed group setting. Standing before these men, all seekers like myself, I felt safe holding nothing back. At our next coaching session, he mentioned his amazement at the details he had not heard before. At that time, we had been meeting for over a year together on a weekly basis. My coach asked me why in regular interaction I tend to “couch my terms”. I responded that when I lay all of myself out there, I feel people become intimidated. He helped me realize when I hold back, it is almost like a false humility.

People need me to be who I am, giving them the “real” me, not what I think they can handle. I have found that giving everything is NOT egotistical, it is simply who I am. We need to give all our heart to each other. Then and only then will our lack of withholding challenge others to be genuine as well.