I’ve been getting a lot of emails on the Christmas Album process. It is going well. I had hoped to get a lot more done the last few days but life happened. Luckily I am not paying studio hours like the last one although I think knowing that I HAD to be at the studio allowed for less procrastination on my part. Silo over at Citrusonic Studios did us right. But lo and behold with the funds from the first CD the CWB pretty much purchased everything we need to pull off a nice small scale project. This album will be the tell tale sign as to the investment.
Some of you have voiced that you actually care about what the specs are so I will amuse you for a moment. Guitar wise I have chosen to stay with Heather’s trusty old 1972 Martin D-35. This will be the driving force of the acoustic rhythm sections of the record. No Capo’s. Just 6 strings on some old wood. It sounds AMAZING. I will use my Taylor 710 for my high capo songs and my Taylor 514CE on my cut capo songs. BluedragonflyI am micing them with a BLUE Dragonfly on the lowerneck and a Shure SM81 Sm81_angle_d2bc4a496dbf72fdc89fe274d5681a little higher. I am also running direct into a Avalon U5U5large to beef up the tone a bit. This in turn produces an AMAZING sound giving room for grove based songs. I am happy with the setup. I am also using the Blue for vocals. I am running the Dragonfly through a Universal Audio M610 Tube Preamp.Universal_audio_m610_preamp This things sound was worth every penny spent. If only it could make me sing on pitch. Moi let me borrow some Japanese knockoff of the Neumann TLM103. It sounds OK. It might just stay in the case though. The SM81 I am running through a Ttprofe7e71691593d10aee2a324d86fa478c_6Focusrite MH443 TwinTrak Pro Platinum Series 2-Channel Preamp/Compressor. Another steal off the Ebay circut. There are many starving musicians in LA willing to give away great gear for 20 bucks or so. Another dime spent on a silver box my wife will never know what it does. Regarding the other preamps I am running into a new Mackie Recording Console that has 16 pre’s built right in. They are more than sufficient for this style recording. The Mackie board plus my MprojectlargeMOTU 828 provide me 18 pre amps outside my 2 outboard pre’s.
Of’course my trusty PowerMac Dual 2.3 is more than capable of this recording. I think she is mad at me for not stretching her RAM a bit more. Once the flows get into the Mac they hit Logic Pro Indexcallouts20050609and once I get a clean signal in I leave it to all my friends who can still hear to mix it up.
So there you have it. About 2 of the 150 or so of you that actually stay around to read my words every day benefited from this rant. Sorry to the rest of you. I hope you ignored this rant and just scrolled down one post to watch Mr. Drake Perform again.

When the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie,