002I don’t watch horror flicks. There are too many rainbows and butterflies to chase after. I’m a lover not a fighter. You know that. But for some reason Matt asked me to see Emily. I went in with no expectations. I had not seen any trailers. All I knew is 3 weeks ago I watched “The Ring” and was traumatized for no less than 7 nights. But it is not often that Matt and I get to hang out together. So I sucked it up and let him know I would probably be sitting in his lap by movies end. So Exorcismofemilyrose0there we were. The Lead Pastor and Worship Pastor of Sandals Church sitting side by side with a few horror loving couples in a relatively empty theater. What I witnessed next was no less than staggering.
Let me start with the definition of staggering. Dictionary.com defines it as this…
To overwhelm with emotion or astonishment.
Yea. That is what happened. From the get go the movie took a direction we were not expecting.
The Exorcism of Emily Rose is not a horror flick. Not in the true sense of what the horror genre is used to. Was it scary? Hell yes. But I also believe in evil. I believe it is real. I believe in darkness and light. So I guess it was a reality check more than anything else. It is a movie about faith. It brings up questions. Straight up like why would God allow someone who loves Him with all their being to die such a lonely evil death? What does it mean to be guilty yet free? Have we as a western culture so turned our eyes away from evil that we don’t even know it when it is staring us in the face?
One of the funnier parts was halfway through the film, during one of the exorcism scenes, the whole theater shook. Only in So Cal can you feel an earthquake in a exorcism movie and act like nothing happened. If that had happened in Rome, GA back in 1996 there would be a stampede of southern draw cussing rednecks running to their Bronco’s. Not today. Matt just looked at me and said. “Earthquake?” I responded with a simple, “Yea. I think so”.
The acting was amazing. Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Emily Rose, was convincing. She even made me forget 200445_142238_3_012she was in White Chicks. Although I wish there were more of a development of her character besides the shy farm girl. She manages to contort her body in positions that would take me years to master. She must do the yoga thing. The courtroom atmosphere during the defense of Father Moore made the movie more accessible to a larger audience. The entire film is a courtroom drama mixed with flashbacks of Emily’s life. I liked that aspect of it. The final exorcism scene was everything horror and thriller fans live for. I watched it with my head buried in my light blue t-shirt. But I liked it. Actually I loved it. I love that you can’t leave that movie without questioning the validity of a spiritual life. And to be able to please a person looking to go to the movies to get scared while facing them with questions of faith in God is astonishing. Scott Derrickson pulls this off. Congratulations Scott. You scared the hell out of me and I loved every second of it. Have you seen it? Post your thoughts here.