Well the hype has begun. Wednesday morning Picture_10Heather V. is going to be on the Kevin and Bean morning radio show on KROQ 106.7 FM. Check to see if Kevin and Bean are syndicated in your neck of the woods. Today I spent the day with the JC Girls at the big D. It was Raimey’s b-day and I was surrounded by princess. Have I already said my kids are spoiled with Disney? The Happiest Place on Earth. I saw Snow White get tripped. I heard a mom call a “prince” a f____ing A__hole in front of her toddlers for not letting her cut in line to see Belle. 🙂 Crap. I did it again. I hate when I type those stupid smiley things. But the previous sentence called for it.
OK. Enough bantering. Picture_7_1
Talking to Heather V. I found out that the video from “A Current Affair” is being hosted on the JC’s Girls Website. I have had many readers who wanted to know how they could see it. Well now you can. Click one of these links to watch it…
Click here for Windows Media
Click here for Quicktime
Click here for Real Video
Heather was telling me that a lot of the hits they are getting on their website are coming from www.666.com. They have their pictures on there and are already attacking. Pray for JC’s Girls and the months ahead as they prepare for the Vegas Porn Show.

Let me know what you think of the story…
Oh. And big props to Becca for her 10 seconds of national vocal exposure on Your Grace is Enough.
Back to Little Drummer Boy…Only 3 more hours…